Battle Of The Books: A New Club At Apex

Apex High School has many passionate readers, and they may be interested in a new club. Battle of the Books is a new club at Apex for people who enjoy reading and talking about the books they have read. But those aren’t the only things that they do.

Battle of the Books is a club run by club president June Brewer and vice president Lara West. Battle of the Books is a competition where teams of two-to-six read assigned books and then compete against other schools at the end of the year. Each school is quizzed on things that occur in each book and must answer with the name of the book that it occurs in. Each meeting is spent practicing for the annual competition. Quiz games such as Kahoot and Jeopardy are usually played where club members have to answer questions about each book. 

Lara and June have always had a strong passion for reading since elementary school and haven’t set a book down since. They participated in Battle of the Books in elementary school up until middle school. Upon realizing that there wasn’t a Battle of the Books club at Apex, they decided to start one. While at Apex, they felt nostalgic about their Battle of the Books competitions, and upon realizing that Apex High was not involved in Battle of the Books, they decided to start the club.

Some of June and Lara’s favorite books include Iron Widow, the Throne of Glass series, and The Telegraph Club. They also enjoy any book written by Karen McManus. They recommend looking at the NCSLMA Battle of the Books lists for anyone searching for a new book to read, even if they are not participating in Battle of the Books. Most of the books on that list have good representation as of recently, especially with Asian representation and LGBTQ+ representation. Battle of the Books meets every other Friday in the library after school. If you are interested in Battle of the Books or have any questions about the club, you can contact June Brewer at or Lara West at You can find more information on the Battle of the Books club on their Instagram, @ahs.battle, or their Google Classroom with the code, cgimixf.

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