Which Lunch Is The Best?

When students receive their schedules for the new school year, one of the things they are most eager to find out is what lunch they have. Throughout the school year, most students have probably had their share of having first and second lunch. Ever wonder if any of them have a preference? Well, most certainly do. 

Q: What lunch do you prefer? First or second lunch?

Abigail Lovato, a sophomore at Apex High school, previously had second lunch but now has first lunch this semester. She says that she prefers to have second lunch because she does not get hungry at 10:30. She says that she is unable to eat during that time and only gets hungry around 12:30. Abigail enjoyed how it felt like the day went by faster during second lunch, but with first lunch it goes by slower.

Ar. K Kovadia’s opinion differs greatly from Abigail’s. While overall she does not really prefer either lunch, if she had to choose one, she would choose first lunch. She argues that first lunch is better because she likes the balance of having two classes before lunch and two classes after. She currently has second lunch but had first lunch freshman year. 

Q: If you could create a third lunch period, when would it start?

Abigail Lovato says that if there were a third lunch, she would want it to start much later than first and second lunch. According to her, a third lunch should start at 12:30 and end at 1:10. She says that she chose this time because the other two lunches are too early to actually start eating. 

Ar. K Kovadia thinks that if there were a third lunch, it should be in between first and second lunch. She says that she starts to get hungry at around 10:30, so a lunch around that time would help give her enough energy to focus and get through the rest of her classes. 

It seems like there are mixed opinions on whether first or second lunch is the best. Some students do not even like either. Both students interviewed did not think that either lunch was perfect and had some things that they would change about them. However, the times they felt lunch should start was vastly different from each other but not too different from the current lunch times.

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