Welcome Mr. Horton to the Apex Family!

By: Ekite Lew

At Apex High School, there are always new teachers becoming a part of the Apex family and today PeakStudentMedia has the honor of welcoming Mr. Horton, our new American History teacher! 

Born and raised in Havelock, North Carolina, Mr. Horton attended Havelock High School and then East Carolina University, earning his Bachelors in Arts and History Education. Although he does not like to read, Mr. Horton really enjoys watching Game of Thrones, the Office, listening to Drake, and you guessed it, helping others learn history! 

When asked what jobs he has had in the past, Mr. Horton replied, “I was a RA in college, so it’s a resident advisor, you are, like, in charge of the dorms and all the people on the floor at least, so it’s like being a teacher…well it’s like being a camp counselor except you are there everyday and you live there pretty much.” Along with playing soccer, basketball, and even playing in the marching band, Mr. Horton was a part of his school’s student council and was a member of NHS (National Honors Society). Inspired by his high school history teacher, Mr. David Jones, Mr. Horton used his notes and insight all throughout college. He explains how even though he struggled in history at first, he admired how his teacher would help students where they were at. “He showed me what it could mean to be a history teacher and actually get the best out of the students in the class.” After being asked what he would do if he was not teaching, Mr. Horton responded with, “Well, I mean, my goal is to get my Masters in Sports Management so I would probably be doing something in some athletic program somewhere.” 

As for becoming an AHS staff member, Mr. Horton says Apex is really big, the staff are really cool, and  there is a lot of diversity along with different opportunities for students and teachers to know more about each other’s passions in and out of the classroom. Inside the classroom, his students are hit or miss, he has classes that like him more than others. Mr. Horton elaborates by talking about his class of freshmen that are very shy and keep to themselves which is “a good problem to have.” Overall all the students he teaches enjoy class and are willing to put in effort. A insightful piece of advice Mr. Horton gives to all of his students. “Don’t take your time for granted when you’re in school, having to go to school can suck, but when you get older it’s not as carefree as it is in high school. Don’t take advantage of that time and freedom. A lot of people don’t get the opportunity that you are getting to go to school, so make sure you are utilizing the opportunities given to you.”

We are so excited to welcome you into the Apex fam!

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