Apex High Student Opinions On Reduced Time Between Classes

When moving from class to class, every minute in between is important. During the first two semesters of Fall 2021 students had eight minutes to utilize between classes. But this year the time has been reduced to six minutes. Students at Apex High School have mixed opinions on the change. 

Ar. K Kovadia, who is a sophomore at Apex High School, says that she dislikes the reduced six minutes between classes. She explains that even if she immediately leaves class, she gets to her third period only when the bell begins to ring. Her second period is on the first floor, and her third period is on the fourth floor on opposite corners, so she finds it stressful to go from class to class. She also finds that a lot of her classmates are arriving late to class due to the shortened time. Not only that, but she shared that students in her class are also using the bathroom a lot more than last year. She says that before the change, she would use the bathroom in between classes, but now she doesn’t have enough time. 

However, Cayden Johnston, a sophomore at Apex High School, disagrees. He says that the time between classes being shortened from eight minutes to six minutes hasn’t affected him. In fact, he prefers the six minutes in between classes rather than the previous eight minutes. He says that the eight minutes between classes was boring, especially since he usually arrives to class early. 

Whether you prefer the shortened time, or like having eight minutes between classes, we can all agree that getting to class on time can be tough sometimes. Some ways to make it to class faster are to find a different route to your next class, which may be faster. Another suggestion is to take a different staircase, which may lead to your next class faster. Regardless of how you choose to get to your class, it is important for all of us to get to class on time and not be late.

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