Back to School at Apex High

Going back to school is a big transition, and it brings changes for everyone. Whether you are a teacher or student from freshman to senior, a new year can be daunting. While it may be strange to adjust after a long summer, school is here no matter what, and students come in with all sorts of thoughts and plans for the year ahead. 

For freshmen, it can be incredibly difficult and even scary to start fresh in a new place, with new people. The transition from being top of the school to the lowest is jarring, and can take some getting used to.  For one freshman, they reflected on the exaggeration of starting a new school. “It’s less scary than people think it would be, but I’m lucky to have guidance from some upperclassmen,” She also shared her true fears of the year. “I’m scared of  the mile run and, well, probably tests.”

Sophomores, however, have a slightly easier time adjusting to the new school year. It still may be a big change going up as classes get more difficult, but it’s in the same environment, just shuffled around a bit. “I’m looking forward to the new school year; I can’t believe I’m a sophomore already,” says sophomore Graciela Miranda. “I was nervous the first week of school, but so far I like all my classes, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of my sophomore year goes.”

  Many people say that junior year is the hardest year, and pressure is on for those moving up this new school year. “I feel super pressured. I have junioritis and am very stressed. I have multiple college courses/APs, and I have to worry about the SAT and ACT”, says JJ Harrell, a junior this year. With the big upcoming tests and the classes becoming more difficult, it’s easy to see why the year is so threatening. Getting older does come with an added responsibility and freedom.  “However, I have the ability to drive now, so I can escape home to do something I enjoy at any moment,” adds JJ. Another classmate, junior Akshara Rangaraju, feels a bit more optimistic about the impending workload. “I feel like this year is going to be very slay regardless of all of the work I have in my classes.” 

Seniors, aside from freshmen, have the biggest transition, going into their last year of high school. “I definitely think senioritis is real. I’ve only been at the school for a few weeks, and I already feel it,” says senior Ada Bartels. This year may be fun and full of memories, but that is not without the thought of imminent college applications and graduation. “I’m not scared of graduating, though I’ll be sad not to see my friends. For now, I’m more worried about college applications coming up,” Overall though, as school winds down, it is important for seniors to enjoy their time left and to look back before stepping forward. 

The school year may be met with mixed emotions from all sides, but that won’t keep students from working hard to make this the best year yet. There are classes to take and memories to be made! Make this year one to remember.

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