Apex High School Club Fair Recap

On Friday, September 9, Apex High School held this school year’s club fair in the courtyard during both first and second lunch. The Club Fair gives students opportunities to get involved in after-school activities and provides information about all different kinds of clubs offered at the school.

The club booths were spread out all around the courtyard, allowing the students to walk around during lunch to see the different clubs that are offered. In years past, the setup has made things a bit crowded, but this year the booths were on the perimeter of the courtyard, so it was easier to walk around and actually learn information about the clubs. 

Many clubs participated in the Club Fair this year, each one unique not only in their subject matter, but also in how they drew attention to their booth. Some clubs, such as Science Olympiad, had trophies from past competitions; others, like the Apex Peak Players and the Humanitarian Club, were giving out candy. There were also clubs like National Art Honor Society that were handing out stickers or even just clubs like Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) that had very glittery, eye-catching booths.

Apex High School is home to a large number of diverse clubs. Some clubs are educational, such as Forensics Club, Math Club, and Philosophy Club.  A few other clubs include competitions, like Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Future Farmers of America (FFA), Science Olympiad, and Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA). There are also identity based clubs, such as the African American Student Association, Apex Muslim Student Association, Gender Sexuality Alliance, and Sociedad de Latinos-Americanos. Apex also has some purely interest based clubs, including Cosplay Club, Dungeons and Dragons Club, and Photography Club.

The Club Fair was not the only opportunity to get acquainted with these clubs however. On the Apex High School website, under the activities tab, there is a Clubs and Societies section that leads to a page dedicated to the clubs at Apex where information can be found for each club. In addition, there is a “Start a Club” tab that provides details about the application process to start a new club. New club applications are due on Thursday, September 22 for the 2022-2023 school year, and decisions on the new clubs will be made by Friday, September 30. Make sure to check out the Club Hub as seen on CougarTV for more information.

Clubs are a great way to meet new people, get involved in student life, and look good on college applications. Missing the Club Fair does not mean missing out. There is still plenty of time to find the perfect club or after-school activity.

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