Apex’s Cougar TV

CougarTV is one of the most loved classes in the school and so many students aspire to be a part of it. Here at Apex High school once a week during Cougar Class, (homeroom) we all get to enjoy an episode of CougarTV, where we hear about the past week, upcoming events, and important announcements. CougarTV has brought people together, formed memories and made many people feel like they have made a difference at Apex. 

Tyler Rosado, a junior here at Apex, has always had a passion for media productions “once upon a time (he) had a very low-key production studio that no longer exists” and saw this as a way to continue that passion and could manage his time because it was during school hours. Tyler said it’s giving a voice to the unheard. “A lot of the stuff we bring to the students comes from a source they don’t always listen to but when it’s converted through CoguarTV it makes it more accessible to the students.” Another junior in the class Amelia Magnani agreed with Tyler and said “ (they) have a responsibility for communicating important info and a lot of people like watching them so they have to make sure everything is up to the status quo and beyond.” So many students including Kate Fruehauf Reed Heath, and Conner Langley said it’s a lot of hard work but it gives them a chance to see their friends and be creative. Malhia Aamir, a junior says she gets to be a part of a family. She has made so many friends through this class and has been able to express herself in so many different ways. Yves Michel has also had the opportunity to meet so many people and create a community has been one of his favorite parts. He has built strong bonds with them and has loved getting to write scripts and film with his friends.. CougarTV has given Yves a chance to be creative and express himself. Similarly, Creighton Recavaran took CougarTV because up until this year he has never really taken a creative class and saw this as an opportunity to. He is so glad he took this class because of all the friendships and memories he has gotten out of it. 

We see the final episodes but what really happens in CougarTV? So many students have said it’s a lot of tight deadlines but seeing the final outcome makes it worth it. Addie Fornes says it’s “showing people what’s going on around the school.” and many others agreed. CougarTV highlights the school’s greatest moments and the daily things that happen here at Apex. CougarTV includes writing scripts, filming anchoring, and overall getting to have a creative outlet. So many of the students in this class have favorite episodes or things to cover. Some of them include, Addie and SB’s woman’s suffrage segment, Yves and Maliha said peak comedy, Creighton said the weather segment and so many said Cougar Crazy segments and homecoming. CougarTV has created so many fun shared memories and has created a place for many Apex students to be creative and call home.

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