Levine Scholarship Recipient: Shashank PB

Apex High School’s Class of 2022 did not disappoint in academic achievements; four students received full-ride scholarships to incredible schools. One of these students is Shashank PB, who was recently awarded the Levine Scholarship. This prestigious scholarship covers tuition, room, food, and fees for four years at UNC Charlotte. Shashank’s dedication to not only academics, but service projects as well, makes him a more than deserving recipient.

The Levine Scholarship is specifically offered to exceptional students who display ethical leadership, civic engagement, and express interest in service. For Shashank, this scholarship was a no-brainer. “It definitely provides me with the best opportunities to study abroad, do research, and initiate my own service projects,” he stated. The scholarship also provides its recipients with opportunities to expand their passions. Not only was Shashank drawn in by the benefits, but he felt a sense of belonging. “The current Levine Scholars and administrators were very welcoming and I felt like I fit in perfectly,” he added.

Shashank’s journey to being awarded this scholarship certainly wasn’t an easy one. He was first nominated by the school. After this initial nomination Shashank had to submit numerous essays, teacher recommendations, and other crucial information. He was later announced as a finalist, and had to undergo interviews and group discussions. These were used to select the 20 recipients of the Levine Scholarship from across the state. 

When asked to describe what it felt like to receive this scholarship, Shashank compared it to winning the lottery. “I did have a good feeling about my interviews, so I felt that I had a chance, but it was still unbelievable when I opened up the letter,” he said. Being awarded such a prestigious scholarship also gave Shashank a great sense of accomplishment and gratitude. He is thankful for his mom, Amma, who has always supported and motivated him no matter what. “I don’t think I would have been able to do it without her consistent and tireless support,” he said.

Overall, Shashank is elated to receive the Levine Scholarship, and Apex High is very proud of him. We cannot wait to see the amazing things he is going to accomplish!

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