Spring Sports

With spring coming to a close so too will spring sports, but we still have a month left full of excitement. The spotlight of this issue will be none other than Apex High’s very own Men’s Golf coached by Mr. Jessick and Men’s Tennis Coached by Ms. Locher. 

Although there’s still a month of spring left, the golf’s team season just wrapped up, but it can never hurt to express interest now to prepare for next season. As for their season record, they finished their last game of the NCHSAA 4A Mideast Regional at Pinehurst #6 last Monday. The team fought their hardest in a very competitive regionals tournament finishing number six overall with players missing the cut off for states by just a stroke or two. While they might’ve come up short, the golf team prospered in other areas. According to Coach Jessick, there has been a drastic improvement in individual averages across the team along with the players getting better at managing the course during play and their shot selections. Their growth is impressive and it can only be credited to the dedication of the players and the passion from the coach. With this season being his 5th, we asked Coach Jessick what it is exactly that draws him to coach golf. He explained that it isn’t coaching, more so another weekend playing golf with players and coaches where they share the experience of the best golf has to offer, which makes it feel more fun than it does a job. Similarly, the players all agreed on one thing when asked why golf, and it’s that they get to experience the calmness of nature while striving for satisfaction from hitting the perfect shots. As for what Coach Jessick sees for the future he would like to increase women’s participation in golf and for both the teams to be able to make it to states. Leaving you with a word of advice from coach Jessick, he says to stay determined when playing golf. Results might not come as quickly as you’re used to, but if you keep putting in the effort your skill will surely reflect it; however, remember to not get to the point in the game where playing feels more like a chore than a hobby. 

If you’re more interested in Tennis then you’re in luck. This season has been great, especially after it being the first one since covid, and you can really see the dedication of everyone involved along with the dynamic of the players and their efforts towards working at better seasons ahead. Taking into consideration how difficult this conference has been, the Tennis team did a great job of placing fourth overall in the season. Not only is this a great ranking for their first season, the games were close and you could see the preparedness of each player as they faced adversities. Two players, Ethan Garcia and Ryan Suciu, placed second for doubles thus qualifying them for states last Friday, and depending on how their game went they possibly had another one on Saturday. Such impressive results can only come from players that are passionate about the sport and a coach that is rigorous but fair. When asked about what draws her to Tennis, Coach Locher mentioned how she enjoys getting to know the players and being able to form personal connections with them and be invested in them as a person and not just someone that she coaches. Coach Locher also mentioned her captains during the interview and how much impact they have on the team. She made sure to mention Anton McCloskey who’s great at helping others learn new techniques and strategies, James Avett who provides great moral and encouragement to the team, and Evan Boucher because not only does he lead by example for others but also himself making sure never to slack off. Coach Locher’s parting advice to students is that it’s never too late to start hitting and that she’s always looking for players who are dedicated to the sport. If you are interested, tryouts for women start the first week of August and the middle of February for Men.

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