Apex Highs College Prep Club

By: Kushal Upreti and Lindsay Taylor: With college season being over many seniors can finally relax as most college decisions have been made; however, if you’re underclassmen you’re not off the hook. Although it seems like you have the illusion of time, high school will be over before you know it and it only gets harder as you progress with the final challenge being applying to college. Whether you just entered high school or you’re nearly finished it is never too late to prepare for the application process. Luckily for you, Apex High has its own College Prep Club.
With College Prep Club being one of the newer clubs introduced to Apex High many students might overlook it, thus missing out on an important resource that can lead to a stress-free application process. It is run by founders and co-presidents, Creighton Recavarren and Mariana Seiffer’s and the VP Owen Recavarren (who isn’t a founder “just made the nice poster.”). The co-presidents (Mariana and Creighton) wanted to create the College Prep Club to help students prepare for college as the process can be overwhelming and difficult. The club’s goal is to help expose more students to the college application process before their senior year. However, with all of this in mind, their main goal is to limit the stress when students plan for college. Mariana said that she knows how stressful prepping for college is so she wants to help others so they will have an easier experience. The College prep club covers a wide variety of topics regarding preparing for college such as essay guides and what things to focus on during high school.
So why is college prep important? According to College for Less, “Good college preparation helps provide a way for students to become self-aware and analyze what they really want to do in college, and in their later life.” as well as, “It helps students select a college based on their strengths.” All of these things can lead to less stress in the future. College prep is essential for having a successful experience in college.
The club meets once a month in Mr.Oltmans, room 2210 to discuss how you can prepare for college. Some examples of things they do are learn how to write essays, learn how to reduce stress, how to get ready for college, tips for getting ready for college as well as so many other important things.

The next club meeting is on Wednesday, May, 18th. Make sure you stop by! Preparing for college is so important, but it is also super stressful, and this club helps balance these things. When going to this club you can take the ease off of college prep.

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