AP Exams: The Countdown Begins

By: Amber Wilson and Allison Hurley

The countdown to AP Exams has begun! They kick off on May 2nd, in less than two weeks. We know everyone is ecstatic to earn their college credit, so it is important to begin (or continue) preparing for your test. Click here to view the full exam schedule.

Each subject is approached differently by the CollegeBoard, whether written, spoken, or multiple choice. However, there are a couple of study tips that are applicable to all of the exams! 

The biggest tip is to start studying early. To do this, students can purchase preparation books from Princeton Review, Barron’s, or a variety of other sources. There are also a variety of free study materials such as Fiveable, Quizlet, and a variety of YouTube creators. Another great way to study for an AP exam is to take AP practice tests. Practicing with questions written by the CollegeBoard will help you better understand the material and what exactly the CollegeBoard is looking for you to understand. Additionally, check with your AP teachers to find out if and/or when they are holding review sessions. 

Finally, since exams begin in just about a week and a half, it is best to create– and stick to– a specific studying schedule. As little as fifteen minutes each day can make an improvement in your score. 

Week 1 AP Exam Schedule

Week 2 AP Exam Schedule

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