Issues at the Parking Deck

By: Kate Sinodis and Rose Andrews

Not so long ago, the old Apex High School building was torn down and a new one was built on the same campus. Along with the new school, came a new student parking lot. This parking lot also included a two story parking deck, which allowed more students to be able to drive themselves to and from school each day. 

The parking deck at Apex High School has always been a very coveted place. It’s where students file in in the morning, leave and come back for lunch, and where they eventually leave in the afternoon. While it has always been a chaotic place, lately small accidents have occured, and complaints about the deck have become louder. Students feel that the deck should be a more organized and functional place.

“It’s nice to park near the school and be able to leave whenever I want, but I think the worst part is the people. They like, hold down their horns and don’t know how to drive, to be honest,” says senior Willow Freeman.

Ryan Costa, a student driven to school by her brother, a senior at the school, feels similarly. “In the morning, getting in is fine, especially because we come, like, fairly early. But in the afternoons, the whole parking lot is a mess.” Her descriptions of the lot match closely with other reports of the deck and its practicality when leaving and getting home. “People just want to leave, and they don’t care about, like, anything else.” 

The mornings can be difficult too, if you don’t get to school early. “If you’re ever late to school, someone will take your parking spot” Zoe O’Brien

Other issues on the deck have come up as of late as well. “In the afternoon, there are people honking like crazy, and blasting their music loudly so that everyone can hear, whether they want to or not.” These are a continuation of the complaints from Ryan Costa, to show the myriad of issues stemming from the deck. According to her, and other students, these issues aren’t new, but have become increasingly unavoidable as we roll into spring, and the beginning of the end of the school year. 

“It just takes a while for everyone to get out of their spots, and some people are impatient and try to cut off others before their turn. They’re just not very courteous of the cars around them,” says sophomore Mollie Greene. 

Right now, there seems to be no plan to enforce fixing these issues. The general consensus is that people need to be more kind when leaving school in the afternoon. People just want to get home, so maybe they don’t care about cutting people off in the lot. Some may believe it could be due to the school year winding down. Either way, if people begin to show more etiquette when in the parking lot, the parking lot will be a better, safer place for everyone.

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