Mr. Rutledge Returns to Apex High

Can you imagine working at the same school as your mom? That is the reality for Mr. Rutledge, one of Apex High’s newest teachers. In addition to teaching social studies, Mr. Rutledge is the JV Men’s Lacrosse Coach, and Football Offensive Coach. 

Mr. Rutledge got his love of teaching from his family. His mom, Ms. Rutledge here at Apex High, is a big inspiration for him. He admires her positive attitude, dedication, manners in coaching, teaching, and being a mom! Mr. Rutledge, as the oldest of six children, has been a role model himself– another aspect that played a big role in his pursuit of teaching.  

Mr. Rutledge graduated from UNC Charlotte, and is currently studying for his masters from NC State. More than just a teacher, Mr. Rutledge also loves to travel. He has visited four different continents, his favorite being a teaching trip in Africa. Returning to Apex High School to teach and coach alongside his mom is “an interesting dynamic” Mr. Rutledge explains, but he enjoys it because of their good relationship. Mr. Rutledge’s best advice for students is to develop a strong work ethic and time management skills, “The earlier the better! The biggest thing is to use high school to figure out who you are. The people who had that and stayed motivated had a better time in college.”  Furthermore, Mr. Rutledge urges his athletes to never take a moment for granted, and never settle for second place! High school goes by so fast and athletics are not always guaranteed afterwards.

Thank you to Mr. Rutledge for being part of our New Teachers Series, and we wish Men’s Lacrosse good luck this spring season!

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