“Curtains” Review

By: Kate Sinodis and Rose Andrews

Apex’s spring musical, Curtains, was an amazing showcase of singing, dancing, acting and… showpeople! The musical, about a murder that takes place while a musical is being put on had everyone on the edge of their seats. Whether you were following the plot for love, murder, or if they would ever finish “In the Same Boat”, the show had something for everyone to enjoy. 

The show starts out on the opening night of a new musical when the star of the show collapses during the curtain call. The next morning, the reviews are in and the producers and writers are trying to figure out how to handle such poor reviews when suddenly the hospital calls to say that the leading lady, whom most of the reviews were about, is dead.

With another shot to get the show on the right track, with the right lead, the crew must be up to the task of putting on the show of a lifetime while still figuring out who killed their lead. The pressure is on for everyone in the show. 

The musical itself was amazing, and not one audience member that we had talked to had anything to say except praise for the show. Most said that they were surprised at the quality of the show, and how good the cast was at performing the show.

Everyone was excited to be a part of the audience and the actors were all having fun as well. The cast wasn’t just students however, the band director, Mr. Jarvis, also made a couple fun cameos from a projector at the back of the auditorium. The actors also didn’t just stay on stage the whole time, they had a song right after intermission where they were also in the aisles and along the side of the stage, which gave the audience a more immersive experience.

The musical was a triumph, and every cast member we spoke to seemed to feel good about their performances, and their show produced lots of energy from the audience all three days. Their enthusiasm for their work was contagious, and felt throughout the show. One thing’s for sure, they’ll be a tough act to follow!

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