Apex Peak Players Presents “Curtains”

By: Kate Sinodis and Rose Andrews

The Apex Peak Players are putting on the musical Curtains on March 3rd, 4th, and 5th at 7:00 pm. Curtains is a fun mix of comedy, murder mystery, and romance. Curtains is the first show the Apex Peak Players have put on since the world shut down due to Covid. According to Ms. Levine, “The show is fit for many families, and it has about an upper-elementary school age level.” It is suspenseful, and exciting, and the whole department cannot wait until audiences can finally see it. 

The week before the show is “tech week” and the cast and crew have been able to finally see the show truly come together. The tech week allows them to add in other elements of the show, such as the lighting and sounds, and it gives them a taste of the real show, seeing as it is coming up so soon. Ms. Levine agrees that though it is a stressful time, “Everyone is working super hard, and I have a feeling it’s going to be a great show.” The classes are taught separately, so it is the first time for everyone that everything is brought all together, and the pieces are put into place.

Ms. Levine is a huge fan of the play, but especially the small parts of the plot, and the little side characters and their storylines. “My favorite part is the side characters who have this sort of romantic feud, where in one scene they are laughing, another they’re arguing, and they even have a few lines in the script as well. It’s just a funny little side story that happens.”

The crew has also created a close little community, and for Ms. Copley, that is the best part of the whole show. “My favorite part is the kids, because they get to be kids again; and they’re joyous and happy, and they’ve created bonds. I just love them interacting with people again” The cast and crew even created a memes page specifically for the show and the people in it. 

When interviewing Ms. Copley and Ms. Levine, they showed their love for the musical, and the community it had brought together. “The journey here has made whatever happens worth it.”, and they are excited for audiences to come experience the musical for themselves.

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