Recap: Apex High Winter Formal

This past Friday, February 25, Apex High School held a long-awaited Winter Formal: Apex in the Alps. After a considerable time since the last dance here at Apex, students and faculty were elated to get back on the dance floor.

The dance was held from 7:30-10:30 PM and had an incredible turnout thanks to the hard work of Apex High’s Student Council, Apex’s National Art Society, and the Visual Arts Department. When students first entered the dance, handmade decorations and a beautifully painted photo wall brought the “Apex in the Alps” theme to life. The focal point of the dance, the gym had a talented DJ and was most students’ main point of interest. For a more intimate setting, there was the option to either mingle in the lobby or courtyard. Complimentary snacks and drinks were available to students in the lobby, while games and activities were scattered around the courtyard. The Winter Formal was also the first time masks became optional for students and chaperones attending, as the mandate was lifted earlier in the day.

The dance produced a memorable night for students amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. For most students, it was a refreshing and delightful experience. Hopefully, Apex will continue to have more dances like “Apex in the Alps” in the coming years!

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