Pushback Against the Apex High School Tardy Policy

By: Kate Sinodis and Rose Andrews

Two years ago, a petition was created to remove or change the tardy policy in Apex High School on Change.org. Created by then Apex student Jackson Beaufort, students banded together to collect over 1000 signatures; after which the petition was forgotten. Now, in 2022, the petition has gained attention once again and students have found a way to express their discontent with the current tardy policy in place. 

The Apex High School tardy policy was created because when Apex was at the Green Level campus, there were too many students coming into school late, not just in the mornings, but also after lunches. Students would walk about the halls after the bell with no intention of going to class; resulting in learning loss and distractions for students in the classrooms.

On polling students during the first lunch, more students did not know about the petition than ones who did. Students that were unaware expressed their surprise and usually took the action to seek out the petition themselves. Many students have strong feelings about the tardy policy, with varying degrees of negativity towards the current policy in place.

 “It takes time away from class time because of getting a tardy pass. I was once taken out of class because I was a minute late, and it took me more time to get a pass and come back than if I was just allowed to say where I was. I was marked present as well, and the teacher had even called my name and marked me present before being forced to get the pass.”, says a 10th grader who asked to remain anonymous.

None of the teachers that were interviewed knew anything about the petition either, but they were all interested to hear more about it; specifically what the petition would change or get rid of, because the petition itself does not go into detail about what would be changed. One teacher said, “I definitely think there needs to be some system in place, but at the same time, I don’t know if lunch detention is meaningful as a punishment.” Another teacher had a similar sentiment, “I’ve always thought that for some students it does feel harsh…there are some students that without a policy that harsh wouldn’t come to class.”

We also talked to Mr. Hill about his thoughts on the matter. He had not heard about the petition to get rid of or change the policy, but he did say he would possibly be interested in hearing more about the matter. “As administration, I feel like we’re always open to hear what people have to say and we feel like if it’s a super valid point then it’s something we would definitely consider. But right now we are happy with how it has affected students being in class during that most important time, but I would be open to hearing what a petition had to say and kinda looking at it and seeing if it’s something that warrants change.”

The tardy policy has been a controversial topic at Apex High school since its introduction to the student body. With the petition comes the possibility to change the way of life at Apex High School, but not without a plan in place for how the change may be implemented.

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