Celebrating Black History at Apex

Black History Month is the annual celebration of the achievements of African Americans and all their importance in America’s history. This month started out just as a week, but eventually, in 1970 became an entire month. Ever since 1976, every president has recognized this month, even though it started in 1915, by Carter G Woodson, an American author, journalist, historian and the founder of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History.

Gabby Howard, a senior here at Apex, said she would love to see more representation; “a lot of the time it looks like we aren’t even here, but we are.” She would love to see “more people who look like [her]” on websites and in classrooms. Gabby hopes that classrooms will include more research on unknown Black figures. “A lot of people don’t know that a lot of common day items that we use are created by Black people.” For example: the stop light, the refrigerator, the security system and so many everyday items. Gabby celebrates Black History month in many different ways. Her and her family go to Black owned businesses a lot more during Black History month and they watch different documentaries on unknown Black figures.  In the long term she hopes people will get more of an “understanding of Black history” and “step outside their norms’ ‘. As well as do more research for themselves. 

Ms. Lewis is a special programs teacher here at Apex. This is her third school year here and she is advisor for the African American Student Association (AASA) for two years. Ms. Lewis celebrates Black history year round.She acknowledges Black pioneers, supports Black owned businesses, wears Black business t-shirts and so much.  She said students and staff can participate in campus events including: spirit week, woke Wednesdays, wearing culturally appropriate shirts and talking to Black peers. Outside of school, students and staff can support Black owned businesses and businesses that support Black owned businesses or brands. In addition everyone can become more knowledgeable about Black history and learn about Black culture. She thinks we should expand Black History Month activities and get everyone involved more spirit week more participation in Black history month.

Logan Widemond, a junior here at Apex, works closely with the presidents of AASA, and is the co-president of the Equity Team. She celebrates Back History Month by highlighting Black achievements, she goes back to the people who “paved the way to the present ” and gives them praise. One thing Logan thinks we can do during Black History month is during homeroom we can recognize Black figures and their achievements. There can also be more posters around the school and highlight Black excellence here at Apex. In the future Logan hopes Black History becomes more of an educational thing rather than just a thing to do. 

“The Black community has a huge impact on the quality of life and they should be celebrated.” Said Mr.Mitchell, a CTE teacher here at Apex. He wants people to celebrate Black history all year long, not just during February. He hopes there will be more education when it comes to black history and how they have contributed to the success of America. Mr.Mitchell celebrates Black History Month, by honoring “[the] past, present and future leaders of [his] culture.” and all their achievements. This is something we can all do all year round.  Mr. Mitchell is the sponsor and advisor of the National Achievement Society.This is a club that  serves and works with students of color that focuses and rewards academic excellence.

Black excellence should be celebrated and recognized all year long. For more information on Black History Month check out https://blackhistorymonth.gov/.

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