Coach Mo

By: Calvin Sonntag and Matthew Shelby

Around two weeks ago our beloved cougar head coach, Britt Morton stepped down. He has done a lot of work to develop our football program to what is today. He has made great connections with his players and his fellow coaches. Coach Morton wasn’t just the leader of his football team, he was a leader and image of this school with his powerhouse energy. Coach Morton will still help our players develop in their physical strength, which is the backbone of every football program. Great thanks goes out to Coach Morton for all his great work and dedication to our Cougar Crazies. 

Apex Cougars would love to welcome our new head coach John Mozerka, who was previously our offensive coordinator. Coach Mozerka, widely referred to as Coach Mo, joined Apex High early in 2021 working in the media center. You aren’t just going to see him on the football field, you will also see him helping out with the Track and Field team. Coach Mo has been coaching highschool football for 22 years, 21 one of them being in Southern California. He was also a Sacramento State football alumni where he played running back. Coach Mo became close friends with Coach Morton, saying he was an authentic man and a big reason for his interest in Apex football. He also has big goals for the football team to have a top 5 state offense, a biting turnover defense and to be in the playoffs every year. He also wants Cougar Football to be very active and have a strong presence in our community. Coach Mo is excited to create his own buzz on the field connecting with the fans in the stands and working with energetic and talented athletes in the program. Apex High School is very excited to see what our football program achieves next year and beyond.

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