Apex Varsity and JV Score Big: Onto Nationals

December 4, 2021 is a day that marks a big accomplishment for JV and Varsity cheer. On that day both teams earned their win during the state championship competition. A huge congratulations is due to them for earning their place to compete in Nationals!

Some of our Cougars had some words for how they were feeling during states. JV captain Anna Parrish expressed feeling ¨Pretty confident especially because during states we were guaranteed to win.¨ As well as Brea Vaughan revealing that she felt  ¨…calm and collected…we got this.¨ Our cheer coach Ms. Hartley also felt ¨Pretty good… the girls were very prepared.¨ Which is the kind of confidence we love to see from our very own Cougars! 

(Apex Cheer Instagram)

Onto Nationals!

Nationals will be taking place at Disney, which will be a great experience for the girls! One of the members of the cheer team, Brea Vaughan, says that she is ¨Ready for it…Im really happy we get to go.¨ As well as Ms. Hartley being ¨very excited, we are crossing our fingers…very excited for this opportunity.¨It’s great to see our cheer team representing Apex High School through how much talent, discipline, and hard work they put in every day. Good luck to everyone, we are rooting for you back at home. Go Cougars!

(Apex Cheer Instagram)

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