Apex High Wrestling: Becca Wyman

For most of her life, Rebecca (Becca) Wyman has been a competitive dancer. But this year, she has decided to step off the stage and onto something quite different: the wrestling mat. Being the only girl on the team, Becca is changing the dynamic and breaking the stigma associated with girls in wrestling. So far she is having a great season and a promising future as an Apex High wrestler.

Becca was first introduced to wrestling when there was a break in her dance season. “I wanted to get a winter sport for my high school transcript and I was left with basketball or wrestling,” she elaborated. While she had no previous experience with wrestling, she caught on quickly and is currently at a 5-3 record, wrestling both boys and girls. 

At first, Becca was concerned about not fitting in with the rest of the team since she was the only girl, but they welcomed her with open arms and respected her for the amazing wrestler she is. She has not only formed relationships with the team, but with Coach Barber. She describes him as one of the best, most supportive coaches she’s ever had. “He gives the best hugs and always supports the team after our matches,” she said. When asked about her connection with Coach Barber she credited him as, “one of the biggest reasons I enjoy wrestling.” Even though this is her first year, she’s improved significantly thanks to Coach Barber’s teaching.

If anything, Becca’s story should teach you to live your life however you want. This year has been anything but normal, so why not try something new? You may come to love it, just as Becca has come to love wrestling. Good luck to her and the rest of our amazing wrestling team this season!

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