Meet Mr. Dalby

Starting off the 2021 school year strong students of Apex High make their return for in person school. This brought about a much needed change of pace and scenery after a year and a half of quarantine. Along with our return we have been greeted by new teachers and staff members. One new addition to the Apex High staff lineup is Mr. Dalby who teaches math.

For the most part Mr. Dalby was born and raised in California. He also went to school in California where he majored in Finance. Mr. Dalby has two other siblings with him being the oldest. In his spare time he likes to weight lift, but in the near future he wants to get more into music, specifically playing the guitar. Mr. Dalby is also more of a classic tv type of person. When asked what is the best show ever made he immediately responded with Seinfeld and a close second being Saved by the Bell (he made sure to specify the old one). Mr. Dalby is also an avid family man. He described his ideal day as being able to wake up and make a big breakfast for his family and spend the day at the mountains or the beach.

So how did a finance major even become a teacher you might ask. Well it started when he began coaching football while he was still working in finance in California. He mentioned how much he loved working with and interacting with the kids which then prompted him to get a teaching degree. Originally he taught math and computer science in california for about ten years before he moved to North Carolina. His most redeeming quality as a teacher is his personality. He believes it’s best to form personal connections and make lasting bonds with his students. This would help them connect with each other better and might compel them to be more engaged. 

As for his life at Apex High he says it’s been a smooth adjustment. The only thing he’s really needed to get used to is the administrative aspect of the school. For his classes he’s begun to focus more on math instead of math and computer science. The specific levels he teaches are Honors Math 3 and Academic Math 3, and as for the future he will start teaching discrete math. His biggest advice he can give for students coming into his class is to be solid with the foundations of math such as fractions, functions, exponents, and factoring. As for outside resources he advocates for using khan academy and after school tutoring with him or other tutors. As for his final message to readers he says that you should treat everybody as if they just need a hug.

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