Tennis Rally to a Great Season

By: Calvin Sonntag and Matthew Shelby

Our women’s varsity tennis team is working hard this season to become a great team. We went to go interview a couple players and the coach, Ms. Locher about the team.

When talking to Sydney Chappell, we learned she has been playing tennis for over 11 years for a club team, and has just started playing for the Apex. Her current goals are to become a lot better and to play in college. She says the team could improve upon their mental game and attitude while playing.

Another player, Courtney Garcia shared she has been playing tennis for 10 years and thinks the team has been “playing very well.” Her future goal is to become number one on the team.

Next, Valeria Bello, who has played for 8 years wants to play college tennis. She wants the team to improve their mindset and to play positively. She also appreciates coach Locher because she pays attention to a lot of students and helps them improve.

Lastly we met Ms. Locher, she is very proud to be the coach of the Varsity tennis team stating the team is steadily improving. We asked about her history with tennis and she played varsity tennis in Chicago and played tennis in China while living there. She also made the varsity tennis team for college but joined the club team instead. She wants to bring her own experiences from her life playing tennis that can help her players, she wants them to learn to improve their mental game and have good spirits for every match especially because their conference is more difficult this year.

Tennis’ next match is monday, Oct 11, 2021 against Green Hope at 3:30 pm.

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