Student Council Back in Action

By: Hailey Spielman, Shreya Senthilkumar, Kylie Radford, Shivani Handa, and Amber Wilson

Fifty-one Apex High students ran for 2021-22 Student Council. Based on your vote, here are your Student Council Officials!

Student Body:

President- Emma Fornes

Vice President- Stanley Wilson

Secretary- Sydney Beyer

Parliamentarian- Kate Fruehauf

Representatives- Carter Boxell, Ellie Hutchinson, Drew Mobley, Sebastian Pennisi, Reed Tilly

Senior Class:

President- Goran Pozder

Vice President- Audrey Hlavin

Secretary- Jessica Asfoury

Representatives- Abbie Gold, Johnny Vargas Viera, Layan Qaimari, Andrea Zacharias

Junior Class:

President- Emma Schwartz

Vice President- Ella Arnold

Secretary- Amber Wilson

Representatives- Asacia Jeffries, Griffin Gross, Emily Vershay

Sophomore Class:

President- Addie Fornes

Vice President- Grace Kester

Secretary- Allison Hurley

Representatives- Sydney Chappell, Darby Claybrook, Sophia Greco, Mollie Greene, Benjamin Wical

Freshman Class:

President- June Brewer

Vice President- Euneshi Lee

Secretary- Sadie Davis

Representatives- Ryan Boswell

What is Student Council?

Student Council is a group of students, representing each grade level, that works to enhance the culture of Apex High School. Their main goal is to create an exciting and inclusive atmosphere for staff and students to work together. Student Council promotes leadership by organizing activities and events that benefit Apex High School. Some of the events Student Council plans are: Homecoming, Spirit Week, Powderpuff, and other fundraisers. Student Council represents a voice for students and acts as a mediator between students and staff. Ms. Nobles, the club advisor, loves Student Council because she gets to see firsthand how passionate the students are.

What is the difference between Student Body and Class Officials?

Consisting of 40 plus grade level positions, Student Council is composed of two main sections: Student Body Officials and Class Officials. Every student can vote for Student Body positions because they represent the whole school, whereas each grade level votes for their Class Officials to represent them. Students must have been a part of Student Council previously to run for a Student Body position, demonstrating their commitment to Apex High School. Student Body officials plan meetings, whilst Class Officials advocate for their grade level and organize their respective Homecoming float. 

What is new this year?

With the new school year comes some changes to Student Council. A new role, Parliamentarian, was added to keep the order of procedures during meetings and unite the board. The maximum number of class representatives was also increased from three to five. 

But the changes don’t stop there. This year, Student Council will be putting in even more effort to make the council inclusive and engaging for all students. Ms. Nobles explained that the Council plans to host monthly general meetings where any Apex student can contribute to the discussion. Also in the works is an idea that each grade-level will be able to host their own service project, such as a dance or a drive, that they will continue to organize year after year. The goal of these projects is for each grade level to have something they can call their own. Ms. Nobles is excited to bring back past traditions and start new ones.

Also excited for the new school year is Emma Fornes, your new Student Body president; 

“This year, I’d love to accomplish a successful dance for the student body.” Emma told us. “I’d also love to get music in the halls on Fridays, during transition periods. This would be a fun incentive to get students excited for the school week, rewarding them for their hard work.” 

Above all, Emma’s biggest goal is to advocate for the student body. She wants students to have their voices heard and feel included. To accomplish this, Emma has posted a google form in her Instagram bio for students to submit any concerns (@emmaraefornes). She also plans to routinely survey the cafeteria and make sure everyone’s needs are met. 

“I’m most excited for the people this year will bring me to meet.” Emma added. “After Covid, I realized how much of a privilege in-person school is, and I’m going to get the most out of every conversation, class, and experience at Apex High.”

Student council is gearing up for an exciting and eventful year. Peaks Up!

Stay tuned to follow Student Council on their journey this year!

Instagram: @apexstuco

Twitter: @apexstuco


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