Apex Football: All In

By: Calvin Sonntag, Matthew Shelby

The Apex varsity football team is currently 2-2. This is the varsity’s team best season start since 2014 with even with a 6-6 record. The team’s previous best record was in ‘08. With a fantastic 10-3 record. 

Coach Morton said he was very proud of his team’s performance. Having a good pre-season attendance of 92% with the men having “awesome pursued”. He believes these are key factors and is a major part of their success. He also notes the players’ determination and work ethic have also greatly boosted the team’s performance .When asked to highlight key players he mentioned Ian Bright and Max Bartell. Commenting that they are honorable players and they do shine bright under our Friday night lights. Ian Bright suffered a meniscus knee injury in the off season but he still proceeds over 400 yards so far this season. Coach Morton says this “showed a lot of character out of a young man and produced the way he is producing”. Talking to Ian he is clearly ecstatic for this season and their current success. He believes that their success lies in their ability to communicate with each other effectively in the game. Ian also believes more first half energy is needed to win more games. Max, the starting quarterback (QB) has a lot to bring to the table. Coach Morton said he has a lot of leadership on the team and Max has the respect of his teammates. He went on to comment that wherever Max leads the team will follow, and that he cares more about the team than himself.

When asked what the team could improve on Coach Morton chuckled. Saying they always have room for improvement. He said the team could always improve in practice. Going on to say that some of their fundamentals could always be worked on. He also said our attack rate and attention to detail could use a lot of work. He went on to say that we have not played a perfect game nor a great game. But we have played “ok games”. Coach Morton didn’t want to be negative of his team but noted they played hard and well. 

Another honorable player is Chase Klingemann. A sophomore who is the JV QB and the second string QB for the Varsity team.  Coach Morton had nothing to say but great things about Chase. Say he is an extraordinary young man and that he has stepped up to the plate and he is really impressed. Right now Chase has five touchdowns in one game on JV and 62 yards passing on varsity as sophomore. When we asked about the JV team he loved the good talent on the team and that he was impressed by their abilities. He went on to say that moving Chase to varsity will be a challenge but is not worried about it because the future from the JV team is bright. Going on about the future we will keep many of our players because they are Juniors. Coach Morton is worried about our offensive line because most of them are graduating. His goals are to have over a hundred players on the field next year compared to the 93 he has right now.

When we asked if the team is ready for the Cary game he laughed. Obviously excited for the game, he wants Cary to remember the rivalry between them.

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