Creating My Own Legacy

Looking back through my high school years, I could’ve never predicted what my life would be like senior year. My freshman year, I had no idea of what I wanted to do with my life or where I wanted to go to college. If anyone asked about my future plans, I probably would have just given some basic answers. Looking now at my plans for the future, everything is different.

At the beginning of high school, I wasn’t even planning on joining Newspaper. In my second semester of freshman year, I had Mrs. McGee as my English teacher. She approached me, questioning if I was going to apply for Newspaper next year because she enjoyed the writing I had done for her class. I didn’t even know we had a school newspaper until then. On a whim, I applied for Newspaper the night before the application deadline. I ended up taking Newspaper for one semester my sophomore year and loved it. I am so incredibly thankful that I applied and got to be part of the Legacy family. I continued to take a semester of Newspaper both my junior and senior year and have had so much fun.

Being a part of the Legacy family, I have created so many memories and made so many friends. My writing and grammar have also become immensely better, with a couple exceptions of course. I will never forget my first article and the excitement I felt from writing it. I cannot believe that in two weeks I will be graduating and creating my own legacy. It feels like just yesterday that I was a freshman in Mrs. McGee’s English class, and now I am graduating and going to college.

Even though my senior year looks a lot different than I imagined and COVID-19 has caused many changes, it has honestly been the best ride with the best memories. I am glad I have gotten to be in person for at least part of this semester. I am going to miss all my friends, teachers, and the Legacy family next year. Although graduating is a bittersweet experience, I am excited to continue paving the way for my own legacy.

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