A season like no other with sam schall

This year, everything looks different, sports being no exception. The way they are played, watched, and supported is completely different and is changing everyday. One team that is having a special season though is Cougar Baseball. Their season was taken from them last year, and now they are getting the chance that they’ve been waiting for for so long. I sat down with Varsity Baseball Player Sam Schall to hear about how this season is set apart from the rest. 

While it may be obvious, I started by asking how this season differs from past seasons. “The obvious difference was playing with masks on,” answered Sam Schall, a junior on the varsity team. It has been difficult for all athletes to adapt to the new restrictions in place for their safety. Baseball players are always running and talking to each other on the field, so doing that with a mask has been hard.”Now that masks aren’t required, most things are back to normal,” added Schall. While it isn’t completely here, normalcy is starting to be restored.

Another factor differentiating this season from any other is finally playing in the Cougar Den. I asked how it feels to finally be playing home for the first time in four  years. “It’s an honor to be able to follow the alumni and play on this field.” said Schall. Back in 2017, Apex High School was torn down to build a new school. Two years later, all athletes were itching for their shot to step on their home field and play. However, the baseball team didn’t get that shot last year. The pandemic hit right as their season was starting. Now, four whole years later, the squad has stepped back on OUR diamond. “There is a different feel stepping out there on Apex turf,’ says Schall. It is a truly special season considering the return home. 

The team has successfully brought spirit to the team like never before. “This season is tricky because of the fan limit,” says Schall. He followed with saying “As a team though, we make it a goal to bring the same energy for every play and win. Every part of the game.” The energy is in the stands at these games thanks to the team and fans supporting. If this year has taught us anything, it is how to bring spirit, even when it is hard.

Once again, this is a season unlike any other: playing during the pandemic, returning to the home field for the first time in four years, and trying to bring more spirit than ever. “This is a special season,” said Schall, and it is clear to see that after the year that we have been through and the four years that the team has waited for this season, it is only right that this season is one to remember .

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