Senior Events For the Class of 2021

Maybe it’s the sunshine or the temperature of the air, but for some reason it is really beginning to feel like the end of the school year. For the class of 2021, this year’s end will mark the bittersweet end of high school. This graduating class has lost a lot due to the pandemic, but luckily Apex has decided to put on a few special events to commemorate the seniors. 

When you think about the most quintessential senior event, Prom will come to most students minds. In Fall semester chances of having a prom looked grim, but this year Apex will be putting on the Peak Promenade. “Apex High School and the Prom committee is determined to give our Senior Class of 2021 a unique and COVID friendly alternative to Prom.” said Principal Hoffman. On May 21st the event will take place.

There will be a large tent at the downtown depot, across the street from Apex Outfitters. There will be a DJ and photobooth activities here. Across downtown Apex restaurants will be opening reservations for groups. Leading up to the event the town of Apex will participate in Senior Spirit week. Be sure to keep your eye out in the coming weeks for deals and specials at Apex’s Businesses. 

A favorite of previous classes was the senior picnic.This will occur on the school year’s final asynchronous day, May 26th. It is tradition to wear a shirt with the college you will be attending in the fall to the picnic. It is sure to be a very fun occasion. 

The final senior event is arguably the most important. It’s the day you think of in all your years of school, and it’s finally coming up. Graduation is traditionally held at the Raleigh Convention center, but this year Apex will be hosting graduation in the stadium outside. 

While it is a more local celebration it is sure to be a special event, A stage will be built on the field to walk across, and the Apex band will make an appearance to play some traditional grad music. Traditional speeches will be held at this not- so -traditional graduation. Seniors will be graduating either Friday, June 11th or Saturday, June 12th. The ceremony will also be live streamed, and for those not comfortable attending private walkthroughs can be set up. Ask your homeroom teacher what time slot you have and for more information.

The class of 2021 has been through one tumultuous year. At the year’s start, nobody knew if this year’s seniors would get to participate in the fun events they have always hoped for. The coming events will inevitably lift the spirits of this excellent graduating class. From prom to graduation, I hope everyone is excited to participate.

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