Reviewing Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

Anyone who has seen posts on social media recently will know that Taylor Swift released her new album Fearless (Taylor’s Version) on April 9th, 2021. This album consists of twenty-six songs: thirteen of the track’s original songs, six additional songs from the albums “Platinum Edition”, her Valentine’s Day Single “ Today Was a Fairytale,” and six original, unreleased songs that are “from the vault”. 

This album is based off of her original Fearless album released back in 2008. The reason she re-recorded and re-released a new version of the album and called it “Taylor’s Version” is because the original version, as well as her other first five albums, was sold to a different record company without Taylor Swift knowing or being given the option to buy the rights to them herself. Therefore, the new company now gets all the money every time the other albums are listened to/played on the radio or any other music platforms. So, now that her new version is out, she hopes people will listen to this version instead so that she gets the profit from her songs when they are played on the radio or when people listen to it on other music streaming platforms. 

Personally, I prefer the original version of the album Fearless. This is because those were songs that I grew up listening to as a child. I absolutely loved Taylor Swift and all of her songs when I was little, and I still do but maybe a little less because I preferred her when she was more of a country artist rather than pop. However, I still find a lot of her songs very good. I also prefer the original version of the album because it just brings back good memories and good vibes; there is just something about the original version of things that I personally tend to prefer over the newer versions. For example, I prefer the original Lion King movie over the new live action version that came out a few years ago. 

Despite my preference for the original version of the album, I still definitely enjoy the new album and think that everyone should listen to it so they can form their own opinions as well. My top three favorite songs that I would recommend are “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” “Forever and Always (Piano Version),” and “The Way I Loved You”. If you only listen to one of the songs from this album it should definitely be one of those three. 

I know not everyone enjoys Taylor Swift’s music; however for those Swifties, or other people who enjoy some of her songs, or are just indifferent about her music in general I think that this album is a good one to listen to. I personally enjoyed listening to the original Fearless album and then comparing it to the new Fearless (Taylor’s Version) so that I could more clearly distinguish the differences between the two. If you listened to this album or plan to soon, be sure to let us know your thoughts about it! Do you like the original version or the new version better? What do you think about her old record company selling the rights to her old albums and not even letting her have the option to buy them herself? 


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