Auras All Around You: An Introduction to Energy Fields

Before the pandemic, people were making new connections all the time. Sometimes these newly made bonds felt like they instantly clicked. Many have felt good vibes from new people they have just met but often brush it off without giving it much thought. However, these feelings expressed between two people who have never spoken before may be more valid than you thought. It is possible that was not just a feeling but something right in front of you that could not be seen. If you have ever experienced that instant match feeling with someone before, you may have been subconsciously feeling the affects of their aura. 

An aura is a term used to describe the electromagnetic fields that surround the human body. Everything in our environment has these fields surrounding them made of the electric charges in the atmosphere. There are many who believe these energy fields, or auras, reflect an anatomy hidden to the naked eye which can tell about a person’s state of being and health. Since the auras are invisible to us, the warm or friendly vibe you feel when meeting someone new may really just be their aura being felt rather than seen.

Auras have a long history, dating back to the native tribal paintings of lights emitting from the bodies of people to depictions of Buddha and Jesus depicted with fields of energy around their being. Although called different names, auras seem to be a constant belief in different religions and cultures around the world. Paintings of people with auras emitting from their heads can even be found in the prehistoric caves of Australia. 

 Over the course of their history, many different beliefs and theories involving auras have become progressively developed. For example, there are places where you can have an aura portrait done. For this to work, you place your hands on a pair of metal plates that send information about your energy to the camera. Colors corresponding to that energy then appear around your figure in a printed photo. It is also believed these auras can not only be felt, but analyzed and cleansed. In fact, aura health is something many practice and maintain on a daily basis in order to keep their auras in check. Many metaphysical tools like crystals and herbs or even simple remedies like bathing in cool water are believed to help cleanse your aura of any unwanted energies. 

If you want to become more knowledgeable about auras, you should definitely continue your research. The book A Little Bit Of Auras by Cassandra Eason is a great place to get started. As more and more people start to become vaccinated, the time when people are constantly making new connections will begin to return. As you venture back out into the world of social interactions, consider taking the time to become more aware of the auras of yourself and others that exist all around you! 


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