BookTok Book Recs

Many users on Tik-Tok, a social media platform that gained traction around the summer of 2019, have taken to the app to form a league of readers known as “Book Tok.” On “Book Tok” discussions occur among readers about worth-it books, overrated conundrums, and essential reads. These powerful opinions have made their way into retail outlets including Barnes and Noble, one of the largest literature distributors in the world. You can now enter many Barnes and Nobles to see racks dedicated to recommendations from the app. You can check out any of these guaranteed good reads (and many more) at our school library

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe: Benjamin Allire Saenz

A coming-of-age tale centered around two Mexican-American teens, Aristotle and Dante, tells a story of love and its triumphant tribulations. Aristotle grows into himself and forms a bond with Dante, his new (and only) friend that he soon realizes may not be as platonic as he anticipated. The book reads quickly and lyrically as Saenz writes a perfectly personal story. The sequel, Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World will be coming out on October twelfth. 

“Meticulous pacing and finely nuanced characters underpin the author’s gift for affecting prose that illuminates the struggles within relationships.” —Kirkus Reviews

Check it out here!

I’ll Give You the Sun: Jandy Nelson

Noah and Jude, the unbreakable artistic and womb duo. Three years prior to their mother dying, Noah tells of his adventures, relationships, and the understated work of his sister. In this twist of fate, an imaginative drawer becomes frighteningly normal as he is left to bond with his only parent, and a bold artist works away her grief in never satisfying art pieces. Jude’s religion is her grandma’s bible as she finds comfort in clothes too big for the world. Noah spares no details through a painted lens in which the color comes through the pages from both accounts. Through alternating perspectives, Nelson is able to break and repair readers’ hearts through plot twists, spray paint, and frilly sundresses. 

“I’ll Give You the Sun” is a compelling novel of twin siblings’ fractured lives. There’s heartbreak, wisdom, and joy — and the writing often sings.” — Common Sense Media.

Check it out here!

They Both Die at the End: Adam Silvera 

An introduction to Book Tok will have Silvera’s dystopian last-day chronicle at the top of its list. Mateo Torrez receives a call from Death-Cast telling him to live his last day to the fullest. In doing this, Mateo forms an unexpected friendship with Rufus Emeterio, a fellow “decker,” and together they discover exactly what it means to be happy. In an exploration of “To be alive, or to live,” Silvera takes readers on a journey of love, loss, and a sacred bond not even death can break.

 “It’s another standout from Silvera. Engrossing, contemplative, and as heart-wrenching as the title promises.” — Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

Check it out here!

Ever the time for reading, these authors and books will give you a laugh, a cry, and some much-needed catharsis as a break from the mundanity. 

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