Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh & His Death At 99: How He Has Affected The Monarchy

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, born Prince of Corfu, Greece, has died at the age ninety-nine after years of illness. Prince Philip was married to Queen Elizabeth for almost seventy years after a late wedding in the year 1947. The prince was a devoted husband who focused on no-primary matters while supporting the Queen during her ongoing reign.

Prince Philip’s death was a mere two months before his one-hundredth birthday on June 10. Unfortunately, the Prince has suffered from illnesses and hospital visits for a while now. In December 2019 he was admitted to the hospital to treat an unknown illness. Then again in February to undergo a surgery to maintain a pre-existing heart condition. A statement made by Yahoo Entertainment says that “the prince’s last public appearance was in July 2020 when he transferred his ceremonial role as colonel-in-chief of The Rifles to his daughter-in-law Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall”. This was possible due to his sickness and wanting to pass this responsibility down to someone he trusted. After years of fighting, Prince Philip peacefully died in his home on the 9th of April 2021.

After his marriage to Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip diminished his title of Prince of Greece and Denmark to take on the title of Duke of Edinburgh. When Queen Elizabeth was later instated, she granted the title of Prince to him once more. Even though the Prince had married Queen Elizabeth, he would not become king. Due to a long-lasting rule within the monarchy that states that when a man marries the ruling queen, he will be known as Prince Consort. While this may have been a problem for some, Prince Philip had no problem taking on other responsibilities.

At his instatement of Consort to Queen Elizabeth, the Prince took on running the estates at Windsor, Balmoral, and Sandringham. He did so to relieve certain pressures for the newly announced Queen Elizabeth. Along with this, he took on interests in education, charities, business, architecture, engineering, and more. According to MarketWatch, “Philip was a modernizer, and he sought out successful entrepreneurs and captains of industry to guide him. One such figure was the distinguished chemist Harold Hartley”. When it comes to charity work, the Prince was described as an inspiration to the British people. He supported over eight hundred charities, helping thousands of people throughout one hundred forty-four countries. Even in his late years, he made major contributions to continue supporting these charities and the people they were helping.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was described as “charming and sharp as a tack” along with “always having a twinkle in his eyes”. After his death at ninety-nine, he will always be remembered and cherished as Queen Elizabeth’s beloved consort and giving Duke of Edinburgh. His love for his country and its people was untethered, and he will always live in the memories of the monarchy.


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