What is Happening with the Royal Family

Although in the United States we do not have a monarchy anymore, England still does. Since the United States doesn’t have a monarchy, I know a lot of people look to England for the drama, or gossip, of their royal family. In their royal family, they have Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Phillip; then the line of succession goes to their firstborn Prince Charles and then to his firstborn Prince William. Prince Charles also has another son named Harry who married Meghan Markle, an actor from America.

Over the past couple of months, there has been some serious controversial turn of events for the royal family regarding Prince Harry and Meghan. Just recently it was announced that Meghan and Harry decided to leave the royal family and move to the United States, permanently. Earlier this month they had an interview with Oprah Winfrey, which exposed the real reasons why they left the royal family as well as the royal family’s treatment towards Meghan.

Apparently a few years ago when Meghan was pregnant with their son Archie, who is now almost two years old, she was questioned by certain people in the royal family about what her baby would look like. There seemed to be some racism within the family because Meghan’s mother is African American, and some members of the royal family were worried about how that would affect what Harry and Meghan’s son looks like or what his skin color might turn out to be. Meghan explained that because of this, the royal family was not going to give Archie security like in past traditions for children of royal family members. Due to Archie not being given security, Megan claimed that she was very worried about his safety. Alongside that, it was said that the royal family did not help put a stop to the fake rumors that were spreading about Meghan. She explained how they would “lie to protect other members of the family, but they weren’t willing to tell the truth” to protect her husband and her. Meghan was also open about how all of these events had a decline in her mental health, and there were times where she was really struggling. She expressed how she was afraid to tell her husband Harry and to seek help while staying with the royal family. Meghan said it was especially hard since the royal family gave her restrictions on seeing her friends and going out. Harry explained that there was a point where he realized just how bad staying with the royal family was for Meghan and Archie, and he knew that they needed to leave. He explained that right after they moved to the States, the royal family cut him off financially, and if it wasn’t for the fortune that his deceased mom, Princess Diana, left him, they wouldn’t be able to do all this.

Overall it seems like Meghan and Harry were in a bad situation when they were with the royal family. It is a good thing that they left now that Meghan is pregnant again with a baby girl, and Archie is almost two years old. I think that it is interesting how engaged people are with what is going on with the royal family even though it has more to do with the English monarchy. Do you think that there is another side to the story on why Meghan and Harry left? Do you believe what Meghan and Harry have said?

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