Beginners Guide to Crystals

One of the greatest symptoms of a year-long global pandemic is the growing rates of anxiety and stress in the population. The tribulations of living through a pandemic have sent many looking for solutions to remedy their constant concerns. One indicator of this has been a significant increase in the sale of semi-precious stones otherwise known as crystals. Many have found solace in the possible healing properties of crystals. As high schoolers, we are prone to find ourselves in stressful situations even in non-pandemic years. If you are considering taking the leap into the metaphysical world of crystals then you have come to the right place.

For those who may be unfamiliar, crystals are naturally occurring rock formations known for their vibrant colors, textures, and shapes. Crystals can be found in multiple cultures and traditions including shamanic spiritual groups and major world religions. Ancient groups used these stones for rituals, medical healing, and other aspects of daily life. In the modern world, crystals are found in many tech products including computers, satellites, and even smartphones. Crystals are also used in other markets such as the beauty and jewelry industries. 

With the development of mineralogy and geology, the scientific study of crystals led to a decline in their spiritual use until the 20th century. Modern esotericism, which encompasses many “New Age” philosophical doctrines, saw the emergence of many beliefs and practices involving crystals. Many who have taken part in the Neo-Pagan and Occultist movements believe the stones have magick properties important for spells and rituals. Those who subscribe to the Law of Attraction theory believe crystals can aid in the manifestation of your wants and goals. Some believe crystals are linked to aspects of already existing beliefs like the scriptures of Christianity, or the birth signs in Astrology. If you ask someone what crystals mean to them, you would get a different answer every time. Part of the experience surrounding crystals is discovering how they fit into your personal beliefs. 

Whether you believe in the spiritual properties of crystals, or simply wish to decorate your home with boldly colored pieces, learning how to buy genuine stones is important. The once simple task of inspecting each stone before purchase has now become more complicated as many sellers have moved online during the pandemic. Although there is no guaranteed way to buy genuine crystals online, there are steps you can take to prevent buying a fake. 

Researching rarity and value is a good place to start. For example, citrine, a rarer more expensive crystal can easily be found at costs over $100. Anyone selling for low prices like $10 or $20 is probably selling fakes. Another preventative measure is researching how the specific crystal you want forms. Specific crystals only form in certain patterns. Going back to the citrine example, that crystal grows into uniform smokey yellow colors with elongated points. Less rare crystals are often heated in an oven to give them the yellow citrine color but still have different shapes or non-uniform colors. 

The best advice for those new to the crystal world is to never stop learning. Crystals contain so much information both scientifically and spiritually so there is a lot you can learn about them. Take the time to research different types, shapes, sizes, and all the ways they mean something to different people. Crystals are some of the Earth’s greatest treasures and you will definitely find their beauty and possibilities enticing! 


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