Get Out of the House and Onto These Trails!

Looking for a fun way to spend some extra time on these recent sunny days? Need an escape from the monotonous drag? Luckily, a few are right around the corner. 

North Carolina is home to many gorgeous parks, lakes, and trails, and many reside right in the Raleigh/Apex area! One of the lesser-known but tried and true treks is Neuse River Trail. A 20 or-so minute drive along I-40 East will bring you to a wonderfully natural escape that offers paddleboarding, unique views, and the satisfaction of leaving the house. NRT’s gorgeous sunflower fields and waterfalls are just a few of the beautiful sites available to see. Both bicycles and feet can venture its paths spanning the hidden parts of Raleigh and Apex, totaling over twenty-seven miles.


To find more information about the Neuse River Trail click here.

Ann and Jim Goodnight Park, or as many know it,  North Carolina State Art Museum, is another fantastic option for a scenic escape near some favored parts of the state. This park/museum (whatever the visitor chooses) never ceases to amaze just past North Carolina State University. Abstract art the viewer becomes a part of, and ever-so-fresh fields combine for a beautiful spot to picnic, walk, hang out with friends, and just visit. The park splits into several biking and hiking trails that dip in and out of the woods as the art travels with them, pieces of different textures shapes, and sizes dotting the wooded trails. Entertaining adults, kids, and pets alike, NCSAM’s indoor and outdoor scenery will leave no one disappointed.


To learn about the formation of Ann and Jim Goodnight Museum/Park, visit the website here.

Though slightly further away than the previously mentioned parks and trails, Raven Rock State Park is well worth the drive. Located in Harnett County, Raven Rock boasts accessibility to almost every outdoor activity imaginable. Boating, rock climbing, and hiking are just a few of the activities visitors of the state park can partake in. Raven Rock falls ( pictured below) is one of many hidden treasures this park has to offer, something definitely hard to come across in the regular day-to-day. Its not-so-hidden overlook is nothing short of breathtaking, the greenery surrounding the park all but reaching out to you. For all of the heart’s desires, Raven Rock is a Harnett-County length drive away.


Find more information about Raven Rock State Park here.

Next time the online learning blues strike, take a quick drive to one of these parks for some always needed vitamin D and smiles.

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