Tips & Tactics to Stay Organized and Focused While Transferring From Online Learning to In Person Learning

As students at Apex High School start attending in person lessons, I will be sharing some useful tips and tactics to help you stay organized and focused, while switching from online to in person learning. Many students are struggling with staying focused and prioritizing while doing online school. So it is essential to start in person learning, so students’ minds can be more stimulated in an actual school setting.

The first couple of tactics I will be sharing, are all related to how to stay organized. The first tip is something everyone can do, and it is to keep an agenda or daily journal. In this journal you can keep track of to-do lists, upcoming dates, school assignments, and more. Something like this will help you stay organized while also helping you prioritize your daily tasks and responsibilities. Another tactic to help you stay organized is to file all your important documents online, so that they can be easily found later. This will be especially helpful when transferring your work from home to school. Certain sites like google docs and the file holder that comes with your laptop, are easy to use and helpful when trying to organize your documents, pictures, and downloads. These tactics will help you stay organized while transferring to in person learning.

When it comes to staying focused, there are quite a few tips and tactics to share. A good way to stay focused is to create a quiet and comfortable place to work. Establishing a good working environment can drastically change your level of focus. In person teachers usually make it a point to have a comfortable classroom environment, so you should work hard to do the same thing while at home. If you are having trouble focusing at home, it may be a good idea to take your work somewhere else. There are some places like coffee shops and certain parks that have access to free Wi-Fi. Getting a change of view when attending online classes can help reestablish your focus from distractions that may be going on at home. The last tactic I will share with you about focus, is to reward yourself and take a break. Doing hours of work, either in person or online, can be mentally and emotionally draining. Let’s say you had a really draining day in person, it is just fine to take an hour or so break after you get home, before starting homework. Taking even a 30-minute break or a walk down the hall can help your brain refocus itself before starting work again. Following these simple tactics, you can stay focused while doing in person or online school.

While school can be difficult, with these couple of tips and tactics, you can stay organized and focused while transferring from online to in person learning. Most of these tactics are completely free to do, and just require a bit of determination to keep up with. More tips and tactics can be found on other websites and AHS Student Media articles.

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