“Drivers License” drama

If you have TikTok or any other social media app, you know about Olivia Rodrigo’s new song “Drivers License.” The song “Drivers License” was written by 17-year-old Olivia Rodrigo and was released on January 8th, 2021. 

Now you may be thinking why is someone writing an article about this song in particular? What is so special about it? Well, this song has so much talk about it going around. It broke many records within just a few days of it being released. These include the most streams in a week and the most daily streams, both on Spotify. Alongside that, there is a lot of drama that has been going around about it since the day it was released. 

Sources say that the song itself Olivia wrote about her recent ex-boyfriend Joshua Bassett, age 21. Joshua is now said to be dating singer/actress, Sabrina Carpenter, also age 21. Supposedly Joshua was her first heartbreak. She wrote the song as a way of expressing her feelings the best way that she knew how which happened to be through music. 

Some of the lyrics in the song such as, “…you didn’t mean what you wrote in that song about me…” and “…blonde girl…so much older than me…” are the key lyrics that led everyone to believe that it was about Joshua’s new relationship with Sabrina. Once everyone heard the song, alongside the rumors about the breakup and Joshua dating someone else, led people to begin choosing sides. Some sided with Olivia saying that she is just a teen trying to express her feelings through music, and she’s just dealing with heartbreak like most of us have. Others are siding with Joshua and Sabrina, saying that Olivia shouldn’t have mentioned her the way that she did or that the song was too finger pointing at the two of them. However, despite all of this, there’s more. 

After all of the drama with Olivia’s song, Sabrina Carpenter then released her new song “Skin” on January 22, 2021, just two weeks after Olivia released her song. Alongside that, Sabrina seemed to respond to what was “said about her” in Olivia’s Song. In the song, Skin, Sabrina says things like “…maybe blonde was the only rhyme” or “…you’ve been telling your side so I’ll be telling mine..” and “…he’s all on my skin..”. All of these lyrics suggest that Sabrina wrote her song as a response to Olivia’s song; however, it was also said that she had been working on the song long before that so it is hard to fully tell the truth. Then there was Joshua who released his song “Lie Lie Lie” on January 14, 2021. His song is also thought to be a response to the things that Olivia had mentioned in her song. 

After all of the songs were released and everyone was able to “hear all sides of the story,” sides were most definitely chosen and maybe even changed from what they had been originally. Some say that Olivia was just trying to get over her heartbreak and expressed her feelings through her song, and Sabrina was rubbing it in her face about being with Josh. Others say that Sabrina responded the way any girl would have if someone else had just written a song about their boyfriend. And then some say that this whole thing is stupid. It’s just a publicity stunt, and many are saying “why are they fighting over someone who looks like the guy from Ratatouille”. 

Despite everything that has been said about Olivia’s as well as Sabrina’s songs, they are both good songs. Some may like “Drivers License” better than they like “Skin” and vice versa. Some may think that all this drama was unnecessary, and others may have found it very entertaining. No matter what your opinions on the matter are, hopefully, if you haven’t already heard the song “Drivers License” or the song “Skin”, you’ll consider giving them a listen. You won’t regret it. Maybe then you can form your own opinion. Are you team Olivia? Team Sabrina? Or team why all the drama? Either way, hopefully, you were able to get a better understanding of all the drama that went on behind these songs and were able to form your own opinion. 


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