How COVID -19 has changed athletics with Mr. Ferguson

What will school athletics look like? Will they be the same? Will they even happen? These are all questions that have been asked by members of our community, especially the athletes. This year has been very unpredictable, and athletics are no exception. I had the privilege to sit down with Apex Athletic Director, Mr. Ferguson, and talk about the changes in the athletic department during these crazy times.

“The protocols that we have to follow, that we never have had to before, are very time consuming,” said Mr. Ferguson when I asked what the biggest change has been due to COVID-19. New protocols include screenings before the games and full cleanup of the facilities after the games. It’s a lot of work. However, that isn’t the biggest change.

Mr. Ferguson went on to say, “The biggest time adjustment is compacting the seasons together on top of each other.” It has been a challenge, but they’ve made it work. “We’ve been successful, we haven’t had any games cancelled on our end.” Anything can happen though, which makes this season even harder. “You just hope you don’t get a Covid outbreak,” he said.

When I asked if all the athletic directors are working together, Mr. Ferguson said, “We have a group chat, and we talk daily about questions and other things.” Each school’s situation is different, but there have been shared obstacles that all schools have gone through, a  big one being having enough athletes to make up the teams. Mr. Ferguson discussed how not being in school can make it hard for kids to commit to a sports team considering they have to get to and from practice everyday instead of just staying after school. It’s just another challenge that has come with the pandemic. 

For a lot of students, sports are the most important thing in their life. Obviously, it can be very stressful for these athletes not knowing what athletics will look like. Although these times are unprecedented and unpredictable, it is clear to see that Mr. Ferguson and all other leaders in the community are working harder than ever to ensure that this season goes as smoothly as possible. So far, they’ve been successful.

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