How Students at Different Schools Have Adjusted to Online learning

Covid-19 has affected all of our lives in many different ways, but a very significant change is the way we learn. As of March 2020, most schools have been shut down and transferred to online learning. Teachers and administrators had to learn how to teach online, and students had to figure out how to learn through a computer. Many counties throughout the country have had different ways of dealing with Covid-19, and the schools within the counties had to adjust to online learning. This means that some schools have different policies and procedures for virtual learning. This article will look at two freshmen students in geographically different areas of Wake County and compare their points-of-view on virtual learning.This article will look at two freshmen students in geographically different areas of Wake County.

Lilly Uppena, a freshman at Leesville Road High School, had some interesting points when asked about how her school has adjusted to virtual learning. When asked what her teachers have done to help her with the transition into high school and how her teachers are handling teaching online, she expressed that overall most of her teachers are doing a good job with online teaching and that they’ve made her comfortable by providing good online resources. Lilly additionally stated about online learning: :“I have lost a lot of motivation to really learn each subject, and that has affected my grade. I haven’t been able to have much social interaction with my friends, and getting to know my teachers has been difficult.” While Lilly appreciates that her teachers have tried to make her comfortable, there have been disadvantages to the online learning process.

Isabella Burlat, a freshman at Apex High School, had some very engaging responses of how her school has adjusted to virtual learning. When the questions about what her teachers did to help with the transition to online learning and how her teachers are handling online learning arose, she expressed that her teachers are good at explaining things thoroughly, and providing platforms such as Quizlet and Peardeck have really helped with her virtual learning experience. Isabella also stated that “my workload is significantly less than it would be, and that’s helped with my focus level and being able to get everything done”. Covid- 19 has affected Isabella’s freshmen year the most by prohibiting her from socializing with new people and participating in high school activities, such as Homecoming and sports games. Overall, Isabella believes that her teachers are making her freshman year as enjoyable as they can.

When asked about the advantages and disadvantages of online learning, both students responded in similar ways. Lilly stated that she felt more comfortable at home and both expressed that the more flexible deadlines, along with the more free time, was a major bonus. When it comes to disadvantages, both Lilly and Isabella agree that understanding the curriculum has been much harder.

When the final question of if learning better in person or online was asked the answers were similar but different at the same time. Lilly expressed, “I would definitely say in person because when you’re in-person, you have the ability to consult better with your classmates, and you are physically closer with your teacher so you can ask more questions.”Isabella also shared, “I would say both because depending on the curriculum, I am able to understand it one way or the other as long as the teacher explains it.”

In conclusion, both schools have adjusted their students to online learning well, making sure that everyone has adequate resources to succeed in a virtual academy. Each student has his or her own opinion and experiences with online learning. By comparing these two students’ experiences, we are able to further understand how schools in different parts of the county have adjusted to virtual learning.

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