2021 Conference Dive Meet

Apex High School’s Conference Dive meet was held on January 23rd, 2020 at Pullen Park Aquatic Center. This is much different than dive meets have been in previous years; however, so is everything else that has gone on this year. Due to COVID-19, Apex High’s dive team never got much of a season. The only thing that divers were able to participate in was the Conference Dive Meet. They never got any practices or had any other competitive meets. In a normal year they would have had three practices a week and three to four  meets throughout the season, all held at North Carolina State University. Therefore as you can see not only did they not get any practices or other meets, but they also had to change their location. 

Despite the change in location and the fact that this was the only thing that divers, not only at Apex High but also from other schools in Wake County, got to participate in, everyone tried making the most of it. There were still judges and coaches, but sadly no family members or other spectators were allowed. This was really upsetting, especially for the seniors in which this may have been their last dive meet, ever. Alongside that, the atmosphere of the aquatic center at Pullen Park was just different. It was so empty and overall just was not the same. Kind of like this year has been. However, no spectators, alongside the mandatory wearing of masks at all times (aside from when you were on the diving board) and staying at a six feet marker, were all understandable regulations since they were for the safety and well-being of everyone. 

The Conference Swim Meet was also abiding by some of the same rules and regulations as the dive meet. Some of these rules being everyone has to wear a mask unless you’re in the water, no spectators allowed, and much fewer swimmers than a typical swim meet. Despite this though, the swim team still was able to have other meets and practices but with the same limitations as the Conference Swim and Dive Meets. It is great that coaches and other people were able to make both the swim and dive teams at least get some sort of a season, even if it was not the same. 

Although the dive season this year may have been extremely different this year than usual, it was nice that people were able to do what they could to try and make the most of it. There could have been nothing this season; however, there were people who figured it out and made something happen. Hopefully next year they can have a real season, but with COVID, we never know what is going to happen. Congratulations to everyone who competed at the Conference Dive Meets, and good luck to everyone competing at Regionals.


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