The Best Pets to Own

As the realities of quarantine set in, the loneliness and boredom becomes evident. We lounge around the house, slugging through each day stuck inside. One upside, however, is spending every day receiving affection and love from my dog and cat. Pets are often dreamt of by younger ones, and most parents are reluctant. However, pets make home life active and cheerful. Whether they’re furry or not, pets are a vital part of my personal happiness. Therefore, I’ve decided to gather a list of the best pets that you can own!


      The first pet is loved by all 44% of Americans who own it: a dog! The unconditional affection shown by these pets is often rare to find with any other animal, which is why dogs are often referred to as a “man’s best friend”. The diverse range of dogs makes it easy for families to find the perfect companion. Dogs are playful creatures who often love receiving loads of attention and getting exercise, too. Therefore, it’s crucial to research all the proper care for these animals. Veterinarian visits, food, water, and time are necessary elements needed to own a dog. Purchasing a dog impulsively or without enough preparation, and research is detrimental; as long as you are ready for the commitment, you are ready for a dog! 


      The next critter may not have fur but is still an adorable companion. Turtles are calm and tranquil pets that require little maintenance. While it may take some time for your turtle to warm up to you, they enjoy being handled and played with. These slow moving critters won’t jump on you, run away, or bite, making them perfect for children. The magnificent part about turtles is their long life spans. They can live many, many years; if you develop a deep connection with your pet turtle, you don’t have to worry about losing it anytime soon.


      Another mammal on this list, rabbits, is quite similar to dogs. Rabbits are soft and cuddly creatures that are low maintenance but are also full of personality. Each rabbit has its own distinct personality, and the key to developing a relationship with your rabbit is understanding its personality. Rabbits often recognize their owners by voice and sight and love to be cuddled. A perk about owning rabbits is that they require little space but obviously do need some time outside of their cage to stretch their legs. If you are looking for a long term pet to bond closely to, rabbits are a great starter pet!


Often known as one of the more unique pets, geckos are praised as being great companions. These little guys live long and are extremely docile. As far as maintenance, these animals are simple to care for and often eat bugs; it is important that you feel comfortable handling bugs if you are interested in owning a gecko! Geckos are family pets and can be handled by almost all ages. They tend to walk around on your hands and explore their surroundings, but they are still fragile creatures. The gecko should be handed fairly carefully and supplied with heat during the day and night. 


       The last pet on our list is not exactly a cuddle buddy but will still warm up your household. Fish are quiet, calm, beautiful creatures that light up the room. It’s necessary that you obtain proper knowledge about caring for fish and are willing to invest time into making sure their environment is safe and spacious. However, needs of your pet fish will vary upon which type of fish you get. For example, goldfish can live up to twenty five years and grow massive, so you may need to upgrade tank sizes. Fish tend to be quiet and low maintenance; they are an ideal pet for all ages. Fish are surprisingly intelligent creatures that do, in fact, have their own personalities.

      All in all, everyone has their own ideally “perfect” pet. Some may love tarantulas; others may love ferrets. But one thing pets all have in common is that they truly bring happiness into your life. It’s almost like having a best friend you see every day and never get bored of them; they will keep you entertained and on your feet but love you as well.

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