Spring Musical: The Drowsy Chaperone

The Apex High School Peak Players are putting on The Drowsy Chaperone this week from March 5-7. Stage manager Gillian Kepley sat down with us to share more about the musical and why you should be sure to come see it!

The Drowsy Chaperone tells the story of star Janet Van De Graaff who is leaving the show business to marry Robert Martin, but there is a lot of conflict along the way to the wedding. Kepley thinks this dramatic comedy is something all Apex students would enjoy, saying, “This is a really fun musical compared to last year where it was more serious and had a lot of family values. It’s set in the 1920’s, and I think it’s enjoyable for the whole family!”

As stage manager, Kepley has gotten to see everything going on behind the scenes in preparation for this production. A lot of that behind the scenes work does not get the recognition it deserves, as Kepley detailed, “In the tech theatre class, they build all the sets, props, and a lot of the costumes. I deal with things backstage, so it’s not just making sure the actors are where they need to be but making sure they have the props they need and making sure the props that need to be on stage get there when they’re supposed to. On top of that, everything with sound is a feat of itself. You also have to figure out when to change the lights, and some of them have very specific cues or else it messes up the whole song. A lot goes into it that people don’t get to see.” 

All the work and time put into this production has been well worth it to Kepley though, and she expressed loads of admiration for all the other students involved. “It’s been really fun; I’ve loved doing it with my co-stage manager Nikki, and our assistant stage managers Hunter and Emma are really great. It’s been great getting to know the actors and see the behind the scenes of what actually goes into a musical. The cast is so fun. All of them are very dedicated to what they do, and they surprise me every single rehearsal with their passion and energy throughout the whole thing. They’re such a joy to work with,” Kepley shared.

Kepley encourages everyone to come out and see the musical next week because not only will it be an incredible performance to watch, but it is also an opportunity to support your fellow Apex High School students and see them in their element doing what they love. “I would like everybody to know that it has been a struggle to adapt to the new auditorium, but the set is so giant that it’s just breathtaking to see. The dedication from the actors, the crew, and everybody involved is awesome, and everybody in Apex should come see it,” Kepley exclaimed.

The Peak Players have been hard at work for this musical since early December, and it is a production that you definitely do not want to miss! Tickets are available online and at the door, so make sure to purchase them, and bring your friends and family to see The Drowsy Chaperone March 5-7!

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