FCA: let your light shine

Sometimes, school can be really stressful. Whether you are frantically studying for a test or writing an essay the night before it’s due, we can all agree on that fact. But there are so many fun and stress free things that come with school as well. Friends, clubs, activities, classes, you name it! 

One club in particular that I would like to talk about is FCA. It stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. FCA meets every Wednesday morning in the aux gym, and it is a great place to make friends, sing songs, worship, and have such a great time. Senior Abby Clark says that “FCA is such a great place to be. My favorite part about FCA is being able to talk about Jesus with fellow Christians in a safe space at school. It’s a good outlet for relieving stress and being able to talk about Jesus with people with the same beliefs.” Abby Boomgaarden, a sophomore at Apex High School, says, “I like FCA because we get to play a lot of fun games, meet so many new friends, and we get to spend time in scripture with such amazing people.”

The club consists of several fun activities and ends with a prayer. On certain days, members of FCA meet in the courtyard and sing songs for everyone to hear. Anyone who hears the music and wants to join is always welcomed by the leaders of the club. “My favorite part of FCA is the bonding that we do through singing and playing games” said Zoe Schecter, a sophmore. Kaylee Waltz expresses how she loves the connections she has made. “My favorite part of FCA is being able to connect with other Christians and share my faith with others,” she says. 

FCA isn’t only for the students at Apex High; the club often holds many volunteer events as well. Operation Christmas Child is an international relief operation that helps children all around the world. The FCA community donated many gift boxes filled with goodies to the foundation. The club also does a food/clothes drive at least twice a year. 

The stressors of school can sometimes be very overwhelming and hard to take in. Joining a school club can really help decrease that amount of stress. FCA is a great club option. “The people there are so welcoming and they really make you feel like you have a second family,” said Gracie Treichler, a sophomore. The great thing about FCA is that it is a great overall experience: the people, the fun, the worship. If you are ever interested in joining a club at Apex High School, consider joining FCA!

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