I Feel like Stress is My Middle Name

Stress can make you feel overwhelmed or tired. It can cause you to lack achieving your full potential. Stress can show up due to too many things on your check list at once, and for many students in school, stress tends to be a recurring trend.


In this article, not only will you be able to find certain ways to deal with stress, you may find different reasons that lead stress to form. Think of stress like a little storm cloud. One day you’re all happy, and life’s going great. You’ve just gone through the storm, home and cleaned your house, and then gone back out after getting ready for a little get together with some friends. Then you have returned home for the night, felt better than ever, and gone to sleep. The next day, you’re off to school or work. From the start, you’ve already woken up later, and then on your way out the door, you’ve forgotten to complete an assignment for your second period class.


Already, the clouds outside are getting a little tint of grey and more of them start showing up. As the day goes on, you’re getting more worried about this assignment, now having no time in between classes or on the way since you woke up late. Stress has now entered the building. It’s making a grand entrance, and it isn’t holding anything back. As the day goes on, you take a quick look outside and see the rain starts falling and starts to come down. The storm gets worse and worse the more you worry. Stress starts taking control of your entire body and convinces you that you won’t be able to get better and won’t be able to make it.


Instead of having to feel these things, try out some different methods. Some obvious things like reaching out to a friend or asking to meet with a school counselor. Another option can be to write everything out in either a planner or journal your day, including all of the highs and lows of the day. After researching an article called “Academic Stress,” one of the most important ways to handle and deal with your stress is getting enough sleep. Sleep is one of the most important things for students, especially if you spend most nights on a computer screen or have had hours of sports and at a late hour in the night, your body is already ready for rest. Another key to handling stress is eating properly and drinking enough water throughout the day. For some students, it’s hard to keep track of how much water you drink a day, but it’s super important to keep yourself hydrated. Also, as “Academic Stress” states that water usually helps wake the body up and helps the body’s functions strong and energized. Another suggestion was to try different hobbies that you could call stress relievers. Some of those would be like taking breaks and drawing, doodling, or coloring books. Listening to music can also help if that’s something you enjoy. Trying new things can also expand your mind’s way of thinking and can balance out the stress from certain things and channel those negative thoughts and worries into more positive things. Going on runs or doing little bits of exercise can also be a good way to channel stress as well. Lastly, “Academic Stress” suggests making time for yourself and everything else on your to do list. If that means to just sit and read a book alone in your room, taking a quick power nap, going on a little walk and sightseeing, or simply sitting around the house drinking a glass of milk. Something to just think through your long day and destress as much as you can before catching up on anything from the long day. 


All of those things are like your umbrellas. Just because your day doesn’t start out the way you’d like, remember it’s never too late to start the day over. When the rain seems to be coming down from the rain clouds, use those tips to shelter you or prevent you from getting wet. Take a quick self check, turn the day around, and look on the bright side. Always remember to never give up! You’ve got this! Despite how big and grey the storm clouds may get, there’s always hope that we may see a rainbow at the end of the storm.

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