Apex High School’s Winter Track

During the school year, everyone knows about football season, lacrosse season, basketball season, and then some others get some attention here and there. But what many students don’t know much about is Winter Track.

Winter track can also be known as Indoor track. Whatever you decide to call it, this track season takes place after the fall sports season, like a preseason for the spring. For most students, they use the winter season to condition and get into shape for their athletic season coming in the spring. For others, this is just another chunk for their track season. Some students coming from cross country, they run through the winter track season, and then run into Spring Track.

Unlike XC and Spring Track, Winter Track doesn’t offer meets or races every other day or week. The words, winter and indoor help give a little more information. Since it’s a lot colder during this season, meets take place inside, mostly what’s called the JDL Fast Track. Fast Track is located in Winston Salem, NC. The track is simply what it says it is, just imagine your regular high school outdoor track, but inside including the field events in the middle. Another difference between XC and Spring Track and Winter Track is who goes to meets. Usually during the XC season, most to all athletes compete, it may just differ the times they race depending on their times. Then for Spring Track, it’s pretty much the same. As for Winter Track, people who go to the meets are usually the fastest on the team and who have the best scores for their events.

Some events that take place during Winter Track are; 55m hurdles, 4x200m relay, 300m, 4x400m relay, 500m, 4x800m relay, 1,000m, 1,600 meter, 3,200 meter, Long Jump, High Jump, Triple Jump, Pole Vault, and Shot-Put. These are pretty much the variety Apex High School offers and student athletes participate in throughout Wake County but it may vary depending on where you are.

Whether it be XC, Spring Track, or Winter Track, each of these sports consists of great and respectful students. You could ask any athlete who’s on one of these teams and they’d all agree the being apart of this sport, running side by side by these other students, changes them to be a better person, and they’re always there for one another. If you’re looking for a new hobby, give running a shot!

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