The Best Places to Study For Finals

There are endless options for where you can study. Some people prefer to stay at home, others prefer to go to a library, and some would rather sit outside and enjoy some nice weather. Personally, I enjoy studying at home, but each environment has its pros and cons.

Firstly, a local library. A library is quiet, which can be helpful when you are trying to focus. There are often other people studying in the library and getting work done, which can motivate you to be productive as well. When studying in a library, you have hundreds of books around you that can be used to find any information you need, and there may be computers available to use as well. However, there are some negative aspects that come with studying at a library. Libraries can get crowded or run out of areas to study, and they may not stay open as long as you would like. Libraries are great for people who like quiet study areas and don’t mind being around others.

Another place that you could study is your house. This cuts out the need for transportation, assures that you will have all of the materials you need, and puts you in an environment that you can control. In your house, you can use diffusers, change the temperature, and dictate the lighting. Being at home also allows for easy snack breaks whenever you want. One problem with studying at home is possible distractions. If you are not around other people, you may be more likely to take unnecessary breaks. If your family is home, they may make noise that prevents you from staying focused. Studying at home is great for people who do not have an accessible mode of transportation, are not easily distracted, and like to control their environment.

Cafes are also a very common study location. At cafes you can buy coffee and snacks to keep you energized. Many cafes will play music, which can add some nice background noise. However, there may be a lot of people talking, and this can be distracting for some. Cafes are a great place to study for those who enjoy the smell of coffee, don’t mind noisy environments, and want to have snack options available.

Lastly, you can study outside. Depending on the weather, studying outside can be the perfect chance to get some peace and quiet as well as fresh air. You could go to a local park with tables, set up a blanket underneath a tree, or just go sit on your deck or driveway. Being outside can provide beautiful natural light, and nice weather can create the perfect calm environment you need to focus. Some problems you may run into are bugs, strong winds, and unpredictable changes in weather. Outside is the perfect study place for people who enjoy nature and don’t mind being in an unpredictable environment.

Along with all of these common places, there are some places you may discover that are perfect for you. I discovered Duke Integrative Medicine, a building with large windows and skylights. The center holds many different events but also has a study room with comfortable chairs and a few computers. This area is quiet, and the windows provide lots of natural light, which I love. As the studying for finals begins, think about the perfect study place for you or get together with some friends for a study session!

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