Boston VS Carolina: An Unforgettable Game

Boston vs Carolina: An Unforgettable Game

The very first time I was introduced to the exhilarating sport of hockey was during a summer night when my dad forced me to watch a Canes game. At first I was incredibly hesitant. But by the third period I was on the edge of my seat, my fists clenched, filled with immense amounts of anticipation. I fell in love with the sport after viewing just one game. I began to watch so much hockey, it was almost like I habitually watched anything hockey-related. By the time the Stanley Cup Playoffs rolled around, my dad decided to surprise me with tickets to the fourth round of the Playoffs, with the Carolina Hurricanes taking on the Boston Bruins. I was ecstatic. A lot was riding on this intense game as the Bruins were on a three game win against the Canes. If the Bruins won this game tonight, they would knock the Canes out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and become once again, the Eastern Conference Champions.

As soon as my dad and I arrived at the PNC Arena, the parking lot was already filled to the brim with Carolina and Boston jerseys. When we entered the arena and found our seats, we sat front row right behind the glass; exhilarated was an understatement. By the time the players had come onto the ice for warm ups, the energy in the arena was more than present. It almost felt unreal seeing the players in real life, just twenty feet in front of me, and full of adrenaline. When the game started, the tension rose. With all that was riding on this game, Carolina had to bring their A-Game. Carolina had a strong start, firing shot after shot at Boston’s goalie, Tuuka Rask. But soon Boston slowly began to break down the Carolina defense. The first goal came in period two, when a breakaway was made by Boston. Three easy passes were made as the puck nonchalantly slid into the back of the net. The arena lit up, with boo’s rather than cheers. As the game progressed there were multiple opportunities and shots on goal from the Canes but none of them successful. Most of these shots came during Power Plays.

When a call is made on a player, they’ll get sent to the Penalty Box and the other team will have what is called a Power Play. Power Plays are when one team ends up having a numerical advantage usually due to rule violation by the opposing team. Power Plays, often detrimental, are nerve-racking because this is when a team can capitalize and score. The hard slapshots sent in by Carolina’s offense often went just wide of the net during these plays. The heated moments of this game occured when all the players, gathered in front of the net, struggled to attack rebounds. Brawls would break out, and trash talking was in fact, inevitable. With all that was riding on the game, it’s no surprise that both teams were agitated. 

By the second Power Play for Boston, they scored once again by gaining possession from the Canes. Two passes let to the goal that crushed the spirits of the Canes fans. Boston was up by a two goal lead, and Carolina hadn’t put any points on the board. Early in the third period, an extreme error was made by the Canes Defender Jacob Slavin as he played a risky pass that hit the skate of Bruins Centre, Patrice Bergeron. This caused a turnover in right in front of the Canes goal, and yet another shot and goal gave Boston the 3-0 lead.

By this point, both the Canes and their fans were devastated. The chances of a miraculous comeback by the Canes were slim to none. With four minutes left in this game Carolina decided to take the risk of having an empty net, taking their goalie out in exchange for an extra player on offense. This gave Carolina opportunities to pressure the Bruins and push into their territory to rack up some shots. After two minutes, Boston sent a pass down the ice as their Left-Winger, Brad Marchand, shot the puck into the empty net of the Canes. 4-0. 

This was not exactly the best way to end the game for Carolina Hurricanes, but I have no regrets going to this intense matchup between two of the most prevalent teams in the National Hockey League. Both teams put their blood, sweat, and tears into this game, and watching it, I was in awe almost the entire time. The players are incredible, determined athletes that have so much passion to do what they love. I will never forget this experience, and I am beyond grateful I was able to go to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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