Are Our Devices Spying on Us?

Since Christmas and other holidays are right around the corner, many people are giving and receiving gifts. Some common and exciting gifts being exchanged include the Amazon Alexa and Google Home. With all these new gifts being given and received, there are some concerns that the devices are always listening to our conversations. There are theories about how Amazon Alexa is always listening and recording what we say. This is concerning because there are so many people, including my family, who own an Amazon Alexa or similar type of device.

There have been many claims that the Amazon Alexa and other similar type devices are always listening regardless of if you say their “wake word”. According to, these devices are trying to use what you say to sell you products based on what you say. Amazon is building profiles of people talking near the Alexa to make it easier to advertise and sell products to the Alexa user. It is also said that Amazon hires people to just sit down and listen to what your Alexa records you saying and keep track of any important information. According to the, Ruthy Slatis was hired to listen and record everything that the Amazon Alexa recorded. She explained how she would hear people’s home address, phone number, and private conversations. Slatis eventually quit because the job made her so uncomfortable, and she did not think that people had actually agreed to get their conversations recorded. When reporters asked Amazon about Slatis’s story, Amazon declined the interview requests, raising some suspicion. Amazon did state that the majority of the voice recording from the Alexa does not get reviewed by another person, but it stays in a computer database.

The Amazon Alexa may be very useful, but you might be revealing more information about yourself than gaining from the Alexa. Do you believe that Amazon is using Alexa to listen to our conversations even when they are not supposed to be listening? Will you continue to use or buy Alexa’s? Comment what you think!

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