Guide to Teen Slang

Guide to Teen Slang 

Each generation of teens comes up with their own “slang” that they use instead of traditional words or phrases. Because of this, many people struggle with what teens mean by the things they say. It is important that everyone knows what these slang terms mean so they can respond properly. For example, you probably wouldn’t want to respond “lit” when someone tells you they failed their math test. The slang teens use nowadays has drastically changed from how it was ten-fifteen years ago. It can be difficult for adults, and maybe even some teens, to keep up with all the new terms coming about these days. Hopefully, this chart tells you more about what some of the new teen slang terms mean. 


Bruh  Another way of saying really, or seriously
Tea/Spill the tea Gossip
Lit When something is fun, or amazing
I’m weak When something is really funny
TBH To be honest
Gucci  Good/great/awesome/cool
Low-Key To treat with little emphasis 
Fire Something that is really good, or amazing
Ghost  To avoid someone by stopping all means of communication
SMH Shaking my head
Swole  Extremely muscular of buff
Left me on Read On snapchat or messages when someone opens what you sent but doesn’t respond
GOAT Greatest of all time
Extra Over the top excessive, dramatic behavior
High Key  Very public/straight forward
Hop off Leave me alone
Bop(s) Used to reference a good song
We love that  A sarcastic reply to a negative sort of situation
That ain’t it  That ain’t it is a more edgy or trendy way of saying no, or disagreeing with something
Smacks/Slaps Really good 


Teen slang is not the only thing that people don’t know. There are also things such as apps that parents, as well as some teens, may not know about. Do you know what TikTok is? TikTok is a funny video app that teens, and even adults, all over the world are using. It’s almost like a different, newer version of vine. There are so many things about this generation that may be confusing to some people. Hopefully, this article gave you some insight into at least what they mean when they talk about things in their slang. If you need any more help figuring out what some words may mean, you can look them up in the Urban Dictionary on Google. Be careful though; sometimes it can be a little crazy.

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