What will be the freshest ice cream at FRESH. Local?

Update (12/20/2019 11:30 am):

Yesterday was the Ice Cream Competition! For all of third-peirod, staff and students got to enjoy the five flavors featured in the competition! More than 1400 people attended and cast their votes for their favorite flavor. After a thorough count, the winner is… Red Velvet Dream! We are so proud of the students, Mr. O, and Ms. Hoskins who worked so hard to make the event a success. 

Not only was the event a success at Apex High, it even reached into the community! Special guests who attended yesterday included Mayor Gilbert and Jason Hillman, FRESH. Local Ice Cream owner. 

In addition to the five featured flavors, we had a booth in which students were able to make cards for hospitalized kids. We are proud to announce that more than 50 cards were made at the event!

Look out for more information about when Red Velvet Dream will be featured at FRESH. Local, on the Legacy Twitter!

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This year Apex High School has been lovingly sponsored by FRESH. Local Ice Cream! Jason Hillman, the owner of FRESH. Local Ice Cream, is an Apex alumnus and wanted to give back to the school that gave to him. Apex High wants to say thank you for the generous sponsorship by holding an event in their honor.

Everybody loves ice cream, so what’s better than an ice cream competition! Mr. O., a CTE marketing teacher and DECA advisor, and his entrepreneurship class have partnered with Ms. Hoskins’s culinary class to have an ice cream competition. Both classes divided into groups and then collaborated with a group in the other class to design a new ice cream flavor. On Thursday, December 19, 2019, in the courtyard (with the AUX gym as a rain location) an event will be held during all of third period and both lunches to determine which group has the best flavor. This winning flavor will be featured at FRESH. Local Ice Cream! 

When students, either during their lunch or with their third-period class, enter the event, they will be given a ticket. At each booth that they sample ice cream, they will receive a punch in their ticket. As the students leave, they will then drop their tickets into the basket corresponding to the booth with their favorite ice cream flavor. In addition to favorite flavor, students will get to vote on the best booth design.

There will be five flavors at the event, each run by a group made up of students from entrepreneurship and culinary. Each flavor has its own booth at the event, and as part of Mr. O’s class, they will have their own promotional campaign. Flyers for each group can be seen around the school promoting their flavor. Groups have created logos and themes to base their campaign about, serving as the basis for their booth design.

It is important for students and teachers alike to sign-up for the event so that there is enough ice cream for everyone. Teachers can sign their third-period class up via the link that they will receive via email from Mr. O. Students can sign-up via the sign-up form that will be available in the coming days. Only the first two-hundred students from each lunch can sign-up!

Stay tuned for an update on the winning ice cream!

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